Metabolic Balance Success Stories

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Our Metabolic Balance Success Stories!

We certainly never tire of hearing about the amazing changes our clients achieve - and we enjoy sharing them too!

Below you can read real case studies and feedback from our Metabolic Balance personalised nutrition program participants.

Some names have been changed for privacy, and ages are listed as at the time the individual was first enrolled in the program.  

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Debbie, 56yrs - Weight Loss & Energy

'It actually works 😁💕

When I first heard about Metabolic Balance I was curious on how it worked.

6 months of research eg. Asking people on it, how it all started, will it work!

Until I saw a photo of myself and my husband, Bruce, alarm bells rang. I had to do something.

I had tried all different diets, Mediterranean diet, 5:2 and nothing was working. How could this be?

As an ex-fitness instructor, I’d never had problems losing weight before. Ahh menopause!

I contacted Linda and my friend, Lisa, also joined with me.

Linda was so helpful and supportive. I couldn’t believe how quickly the weight was moving just by adjusting my food and portion sizes.

6 months later and 20kgs lighter I feel like a new woman.

I have renewed energy (which is scary 😉) clarity of the mind and feel amazing.

I like looking at myself in the mirror.

What I loved about MB was the simplicity of the food. I never felt hungry.

It’s nice to get compliments. I did have someone ask me if I had surgery 😠

All natural.

Thank you so much Zest Therapies. You have given me the best life now.'

Vicki & Thad - Lifestyle Change

Here's what Thad had to say:

'I had been gaining weight steadily for a few years and was feeling uncomfortable with this gain. What was baffling to me was the why, surely I ate healthy was mostly vegetarian with some fish, but still was gaining weight!

I met Melissa and she had a solution. It meant blood work and a meal plan, and I was OK with that as I had grown up with a Mum that was a queen of diets!

But as I found out this isn't just a meal plan, it's a gut adjustment. What I discovered was that I had been eating ALL of the wrong foods for my nutritional needs and wasn't digesting food properly.

Melissa designed a plan to help realign my gut and the side benefit was that it will assist with some weight loss. So, I agreed – plunging in on 23rd November, 2023 – I’m 183.5 cm tall and at that time approximately 110 kilos.

4 months later, my waists has reduced dramatically, I’m wearing new clothes and sleeping a good 7 hours every night, I have more energy and feel better in every way. And oh yeah, on 9th April. 2024 I now weighs 90 kilos!!

The meals are delicious, I love cooking and the plan has flexibility to enjoy food while being healthier in the process. By the way – I’m still mainly vegetarian and still eat a little fish.

Thanks Melissa!!'

Annie, 54yrs - Weight Loss

  • 10.6kg loss over 13 weeks (including Xmas!)
  • 10cm loss from waist
  • 6cm loss from hips

Annie achieved some wonderful results – and she even managed to lose 2.4kg over the Christmas/New Year break, despite indulging in a few treats! She told Linda she feels like her metabolism and body ‘just copes a lot better’ when she eats foods that previously used to cause her to gain weight.

This is because MB is not a diet – it’s all about helping the body overcome metabolic issues that keep it in fat-storage mode. Just like flicking a switch!

Annie reported that she found the plan easy to stick to, and enjoyed the fact that because she has hit that reset button.  She also said that whilst following her food plan, she wasn't constantly thinking about food all the time, as had been the case in the past with diets.

Pamela, 48yrs - Weight Loss, Sleep, Reflux & Pain

  • 7.4kg loss in just 5 weeks
  • 9cm loss from waist
  • 3cm loss from hips
  • Pain, fatigue, sleep difficulties, reflux - all GONE!

When Pamela first came to see Linda in late 2020, she was extremely frustrated at the difficulty she had shifting her weight. She’d tried everything – including online programs, multiple diets and working out with a personal trainer. 

She was also suffering from frequent reflux, her sleep wasn’t great and she woke up feeling tired before the day had even begun. Her job requires her to be on her feet for extended periods of time, and she regularly suffered from pain in her elbows & hips.

Fast-forward 5 weeks into her Metabolic Balance personalised nutrition plan and Pamela was a different person! Her health improved out of sight and she easily released weight without any issues at all. 

Sarah, 45yrs - Weight Loss, Energy & Digestive Health

All I talk is MB now......I'm sure my friends are sick of it BUT 27kgs down, energy is amazing, sleep is amazing, clarity of mind is amazing - especially since I have recently started my own business and I N.E.E.D to be on the ball.

I am still in Phase 2 - I lost my mother a few months ago and as an emotional eater everything stalled a bit. HOWEVER I MAINTAINED my weight just eating the foods MB recommends. I did NOT put any weight on. Blew my mind actually. Really proved to me this way of life works.

I still am correcting issues with my bowel from Bowel Cancer however that is slowly decreasing WITHOUT the need for medications that have nasty side effects

Now my Husband - who has an auto-immune disorder that the Specialists are struggling to treat and my daughter who has PCOS and just gets offered pills, have joined me, so I have reset myself and have lost another 3kgs in a few weeks - and again I'm feeling more enthused.

Sarah before after

It's been WONDERFUL watching my husband regain some energy and health back as he navigates his MB journey too.......despite his Specialists struggles.

If you are wondering "will it work?" Should I do it?". The answer is YES. I WISH I found MB when I was younger. I have no doubt it would have saved me facing some serious health issues and I would not have gained the weight I did in treating them in the conventional way.

I blew my mind yesterday - tried on a dress I have not worn in over 20 years and IT'S LOOSE!!!!!! 😁😁😁😁😁

Pretty impressed I am!!!

Thanx for all your help - LITERALLY couldn't have done it with out you Melissa.

Food is medicine!!!!!

Listen to Sarah talk about her experience:

Margaret, 58yrs - Weight Loss, Allergies & Cholesterol

  • 9kg released in 3 months
  • 6cm loss from waist
  • 6cm loss from hips

‘Reached my goal a couple of weeks before Christmas. My doctor was amazed at cholesterol results as after struggling with high cholesterol for many years it has returned to normal in three months of doing MB. Two weeks of parties including two special birthdays and have not put on any weight but have been doing many hours of gardening that might have helped. Back on the band wagon tomorrow as I want to feel energetic and clear headed again. MB is going to definitely be my way of life now- well 80% of the time anyway. Also have a good selection of new simple delicious recipes.

Everything I worked on with you last year has had lasting effects which shows that nothing is a quick fix and thank you for all your patience and understanding.’

Lisa, 56 - Weight Loss

Finally a program that actually works! 😊

I lost 12kg in 6 months 💕

I first heard about Metabolic Balance about 6 months ago when my friend Debbie was researching. We decided at the end of 2022 we were going to start the program together in the January.

I have been quite embarrassed about the photos I was seeing of myself. How did I allow this to happen?

I had been in the fitness industry for 18 years and could not believe how I had let myself go the last 5 years. Plus going through menopause did not help 😬

My main motivation for losing weight is our sons upcoming wedding and I wanted to lose 10kg.

I was glad Debbie and I could go on this weight loss journey together. We kept each other accountable, on track and motivated 😊

I feel like a new person! 12kg lighter, more energy, loving myself again and I can finally fit into my beautiful dresses 👗

Linda was very supportive throughout my weight loss journey.

Best part about MB is the going back to basics. Simplicity of the food, no food wastage, never feeling hungry and the program 100% works 💪 they even recommend no exercise during the initial two phases.

Thank you Linda and Zest Natural Therapies for giving me my life back 💕

Prue, 61yrs - Weight Loss, Irritable Bowel, Energy & Cravings

  • 12.2kg loss over 8 weeks (including Xmas)
  • 15cm loss from waist
  • 7cm loss from hips
  • Food cravings disappeared
  • No more indigestion
  • 'Energy is fantastic!'

When Prue first saw Linda in late 2020, she had been suffering from a range of health concerns. including medically diagnosed coeliac disease, and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) - both of which were impacting her quality of life.  She also found diets really difficult to stick to as she craved food (particularly carbs!) non-stop from mid-afternoon and would often reach for unhealthy foods as a way to boost her energy.

Prue was able to make so many amazing changes to her life, just through the knowledge of what worked for her body.  By the end of her program, she reported that her tummy was a lot happier and a steady energy level on most days allowed her to fully enjoy her hobbies of walking, gardening and yoga.

And the best thing is - the last time Linda caught up with Prue, she had actually continued following her program on her own and had lost a total of 21kg bringing her to her goal weight, which she was maintaining with ease.  

Liana, 52yrs - Weight Loss & Menopausal Symptoms

  • 9.9kg released in 3 months
  • 8cm loss from waist
  • 8cm loss from hips
  • 'Thanks again for getting me into this fabulous program!'

When Liana first came to see us in September 2020, she wanted to reverse the creeping weight gain that she'd noticed over the previous couple of years with the onset of menopause.  She was experiencing mild hot flushes, mood changes, niggly aches and pains as well as irregular periods that were accompanied by vertigo.  

Linda suggested a 3-month Metabolic Balance plan as the perfect way to kick-start healthier habits, as the typical weight loss for women following the plan is between 10-15kg.

Liana gained clarity around which foods are inflammatory to her body, and which ones are best suited to her, and described the program as 'an easy lifestyle change' - learning how simple it can be to replace unhealthy eating habits with more mindful choices.  She noticed an improvement in her menopausal hot flushes and mood swings, and did not suffer from any vertigo episodes at all during her 3 month program. 

Going forward, Liana says she's confident about being able to manage her health and weight in the long-term.  Liana has also learnt how to successfully navigate through holidays, birthdays and family get-togethers  - enjoying these occasions without derailing her progress. 

Debbie, 65yrs - Weight Loss, Heart Health & Blood Pressure

  • 11kg loss over 3 months
  • 13cm loss from waist
  • 11cm loss from hips
  • Blood pressure improved from high (stage 2 hypertension) to completely normal!

Debbie embarked on her personalised nutrition program with Linda's help, in early 2021.  

Whilst she wanted to lose weight, she also was aiming to improve her overall health, as she had suffered a frightening cardiac arrest a couple of years prior.  Her blood pressure was so high at her initial session that it was well into the danger zone, meaning that she was at risk of experiencing a cardiovascular event such as a stroke.  Debbie was also suffering tummy upsets - even everyday foods like toast would cause discomfort, and she was tossing and turning quite often during the night unable to sleep.

A few short months later and Debbie's blood pressure had fallen to within the ideal range, her sleep had significantly improved and she'd successfully reached her goal weight!

Heather, 59yrs - Energy & Weight Loss

  • 18.9kg lost in just 15 weeks
  • Joint pain - significantly improved
  • Energy increased
  • 'I'm feeling so much better!'
When Heather first came to see us, she was wanting to address her weight, but most importantly she wanted to be able to enjoy life to the full again. She was suffering from aches & pains that left her feeling 'like I've run a marathon', and these were causing quite a bit of distress.

What a difference Heather has made to her health! Last time Linda spoke to Heather she said that not only had she released close to 20kg, her aches & pains were a lot better and her stamina had improved to the point that she was now able to enjoy getting out into her garden a lot more than she used to. In fact, even just 8 weeks into her program she made the comment that she had been able to spend a whole 3 hours in her garden and her words were 'I wouldn't have been able to do that 8 weeks ago!'

Sienna, 52yrs - Aches & Pains

  • 7.1kg released in 3 months
  • 9cm loss from waist
  • 11cm loss from hips

‘When I started on the MB program it wasn’t so much for weight loss but to try and ease the daily pain I had. Sure dropping a few kgs would be awesome but didn’t expect much as probably the same as everyone else I had been on a dozen different weight loss journeys.

12 weeks later I am now finished MB and couldn’t be happier. Final weigh in yesterday and so so glad I took the first step to see Linda.

The pain I was experiencing is almost non existent, weekly headaches are very far and few between and yes I lost some weight.

Yep you will have bad days and feel like throwing it all in but hang in there it is so worth it. Thanks so much Linda’

Hannah, 53yrs - Reflux & Cholesterol

'I had a blood test done due to ongoing issues, and my doctor said my cholesterol was down from 5.1 to 3.9 - she asked if I had forgotten to tell about the medication I was on.

I said no medication, just good foods that work for me and then went on to tell about MB.

Very happy!'

As a busy mum, and working full-time, Hannah needed an approach that helped her find the foods that suited her body - yet was easy to follow and fitted in with her lifestyle.

Hannah also wanted to improve her gut health, as she was suffering from reflux that was impacting her quality of life.  She'd tried other diets and plans (including gluten-free) that had helped a little, but was wanting to go that bit further and make some real changes.

Hannah was also not sleeping well prior to her program, and suffering from hot flushes that were really doing her head in!  

Starting Metabolic Balance provided a great opportunity for Hannah to try some new foods that she didn't usually eat, and she was a lot more conscious of creating healthier habits.

Sarah, 44yrs - Sustainable Weight Loss For A Busy Working Mum

  • Down 10.6kg in 11 weeks
  • Energy is up
  • 'Feeling good!'

When Sarah first saw Linda in mid-2022, she was wanting to find a solution that would help her not only lose weight - but a plan that would help her keep it off as well.

She'd tried a few strategies, but found them to be unsustainable. Sarah's career also keeps her very busy and demands long hours, so she was wanting something that would fit in with her work and not be too difficult or time-consuming to implement. Her energy levels were also at an all-time low.

Fast-forward just under 3 months and Sarah's knocking it out of the park! Not only has she released almost 11kg, she's feeling good, and her newfound energy is helping to make sure she can keep up with her busy life.

Jasmine, 57yrs -Reflux & Weight Loss

  • 7kg loss over 5 weeks
  • Chronic reflux - gone
  • 'I can't believe it!'

When Linda first started working with Jasmine in March she had some fairly major stuff going on with her digestive health, so Linda thought it would be best to establish a good foundation with the 4 Week Detox/Gut Care Program before moving into the Metabolic Balance program.  

Since commencing her program in June, Jasmine has been so very happy with her results - not only has she found that her reflux has virtually disappeared (she told Linda she's enjoying 'only sleeping with one pillow instead of three!'), she's going full steam ahead towards a weight she knows she'll feel happy and comfortable with.

Joan, 61yrs - Weight Loss & Arthritis

  • 15kg weight loss in 8 weeks (including over Christmas!)
  • 13cm loss from waist & hips
  • 3cm loss from bust & thigh
  • 'I feel fantastic right now!'

Joan actually only started her Metabolic Balance program in early November 2022, which makes her results even more outstanding.

She wanted to get her health on track, as she reported that after menopause 'everything went haywire', and despite having a full check-up with her doctor she was finding that she just wasn't feeling as good as she felt she should.  She had also recently retired from full-time work and her aches & pains from arthritis were impacting her quality of life and ability to participate in activities she wanted to enjoy.

Joan found the plan easy to follow, and enjoys Asian-style dishes so she was able to incorporate fresh herbs and spices to flavour her foods.  

We received an email from Joan in early January 2023, where she was letting us know that she'd reached the 15kg mark which was fantastic to hear.  Joan was quite amazed to find that her body continued to make progress with her weight loss, despite visiting family over the Christmas & New Year period and eating out more often than she had been.  In her words, she was 'pretty bloody happy' that her metabolism was able to respond in this way.

Whilst Joan didn't notice an initial improvement in her arthritis symptoms, after discussing pain management options with her doctor, she decided to progress to knee replacement surgery.  No doubt Joan's weight loss and health improvements will only be of benefit as she goes through her surgical procedure and the recovery process.

Here's the latest update from Joan (July 2023):

Lyn, 74yrs - Weight Loss & Overall Wellbeing

'In February I had a serious break in my upper arm and believe me when I say I did a good job at it  I did just that. Major surgery & major pain. I became very dependent and insecure. I was an active and very dedicated exerciser, hence the break in my arm messed with me lot. I had heard of Metabolic Balance via a friend who was having great results and decided to reset my goals. If I could not exercise I could lose weight which was a bone of contention with my Cardiologist also.  'Lose weight Lyn' – 'Easier said than done Dr'.  I can’t wait to get back to him.

I commenced my Metabolic Balance program on the 6th April 2023 and completed on the 18th July. Weighing 64kgs.

Can I say it was a rewarding – supporting and a learning journey. Yes it was challenging at times however, a bottle of water got me through several times and of course the support of our therapists. It was great to talk with both Melissa and Linda who I found caring, very knowledgeable as well as people who had been on the journey and offered practical advice.

Lets debunk some of my myths: Age will not stop you from losing weight – myth number two if you exercise a lot you will lose weight. My poor, poor metabolism. It was thoroughly confused and just threw up its hands in angst.

For the doubting Thomas’s : I have had 2 cupping appointments with my wellness provider the last one was just last week and guess what: not a bruise either time.  My gut is happy: success number 2

Please don’t give up my fellow MB friends, the rewards just fill you with pride. This journey is for you enjoy your success.'

Gina, 60yrs - Weight Loss & Proactive Healthcare

  • 21.5kg weight loss in 6 months
  • Cholesterol down from 5.7 to 4.7
  • Liver markers now in the 'normal' range
  • Energy is great!

Gina was unsure about how to turn her health around. Her weight had yo-yo’d over the years – she could lose weight, but found it all crept back on.

She was confused about nutrition, and overwhelmed by the conflicting information she came across, and her doctor had recommended bariatric surgery which she was not keen on. She was unsure about her ability to follow a nutrition plan, as she struggled with sugar cravings and boredom eating. She had also been told she was heading towards a diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes and potentially Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) if she didn’t take action.

6 months later, Gina is a completely different woman. She’s released 21.5kg so far, and knows exactly what she needs to do to keep working towards the remaining 10kg.  She’s feeling amazing – her energy is great, and when she visited her adult son in Melbourne after just a few weeks on the program, he remarked at how well she was looking.

Gina said ‘the doctor was happy and he said keep doing what I am doing. This is what I intend to do!! This is all thanks to you. I can’t put a price on how grateful I am to you!’

Veronica, 50yrs - Weight Loss, Joint Pain & Sleep

  • 24kg weight loss in 6 months
  • Joint pain - significantly reduced
  • Sleep improved
  • 'Feeling great!'

When Veronica came to see Linda she said she was after a complete health overhaul.  And boy, did she knock it out of the park!

Despite that fact that Veronica lived on a property in a rural area, she didn't let it stop her working towards her goals.  In fact, her 'can do' attitude was formidable...and it certainly paid off.

By the end of the first month on her plan, she described her chronic joint pain as being '90% gone', and her tendency to gut upsets (even with foods she had tolerated for most of her life) had almost completely disappeared.  She was sleeping a lot better as well, which made her very happy.

Jennie, 55yrs - Food Intolerances, Gut Health & Weight Loss

  • 4.7kg weight loss in 2 weeks
  • Hunger/cravings - gone
  • Now able to eat many foods that previously caused brain fog and digestive upsets
  • 'I can't remember when I last felt this good!'

Jennie first saw Linda after witnessing a co-worker's transformation with Metabolic Balance, and wanted to create similar changes in her own life.  She was suffering from gut problems that were causing her a lot of distress - alternating constipation and diarrhea, and food intolerances that were so severe she could barely eat most foods without suffering a reaction.  As a result, the foods that she could tolerate were extremely limited.  She had also been on 'every diet under the sun' and the only time she could maintain her weight was by strictly counting macros and doing 2 hours of exercise every day + 10-20k steps.  Phew!

Due to the nature of her gut issues and limited food options that she could safely eat, Linda recommended Jennie start rebuilding her gut health with the 4 Week Gut Care Program, so that she'd be able to actually eat and enjoy the foods on her Metabolic Balance plan when her symptoms had improved.  Jennie found that it didn't take long to see change with her gut health, and within the first 2 weeks was able to tolerate foods that she hadn't been able to eat in a long time.  

Once Jennie had completed her 4 weeks of gut health, she enrolled in Metabolic Balance so she could take the next step in her health journey by finding out the foods that would help her build on the progress she had already made.  And within just 2 weeks she had released almost 5kg (without having to exercise).  She reported that she was feeling great, and was very surprised that she wasn't experiencing hunger or cravings - which had always been a hurdle in her previous weight-loss attempts.

Laura, 31yrs - Weight Loss, Hormones & Energy

I first heard about metabolic balance when I went to a kick sugar workshop.

I can’t believe how well it works! The most amazing thing that I found was that I had absolutely no cravings after the first two weeks, it was like I was satisfied after each meal, having more food or a sweat treat didn’t even cross my mind, that just blew my mind! 

Of course came the clear skin, period pain subsided more and more each month, my moods were stabilised, energy levels became existent! And of course came the weight loss! I lost 11.3kgs in the 12 weeks and still continue to lose. I find it so easy to continue in this way of eating, it’s been two weeks since iv finished and iv still easily stayed on track, as it makes you feel so good!

It was made so easy as I had the help of Melissa at my finger tips! When ever I needed help with some food labelling queries or things on my plan, she was so quick to respond and so knowledgeable!

Thanks Melissa!!'

Terri, 45yrs - Post-Viral Fatigue and Weight Loss

  • 5.6kg weight loss in 2.5 weeks
  • 'Over the moon!'

When Terri first approached Linda to chat about her health, one of the first comments she made was that she just didn't feel like she was her best self.  She was feeling very tired, after being struck down with multiple viral infections over the past 20+ years, including glandular fever, Ross River virus and 2 bouts of COVID that had really knocked her around.  In fact, her words were that she felt 'like I've been hit by a wrecking ball.'

Terri also had a lot on her plate - she was a mum and worked in a busy work environment, and her fatigue was really impacting her quality of life.  She also found it difficult to lose weight, as no strategies she'd tried had worked long-term.

Within a few short weeks, Terri noticed such a difference in her body - and what's more, her new healthy eating habits had inspired her partner to make positive changes as well!   Whilst her energy levels are a work in progress, she knows that Rome wasn't built in a day.   Here's what Terri had to say:  'this is the fastest result I've ever had. I'm feeling better within body & mind - brighter both physically and mentally - and not feeling like I'm missing out.'

Tracy, 49yrs - Weight Loss, Fatigue, Sleep Difficulties & Emotional Eating 

'During my senior school years in England, I became very insecure about my size and appearance due to the cruel comments of some very unkind girls. When I look back at photos now, I realise I had absolutely nothing to worry about and yet those unkind words made such an impression on me that I’ve struggled with their impact ever since. 😞

Whilst having been very happy in my marriage and raising our beautiful children, I have always had an internal struggle with my own self-esteem in relation to my size. In addition to that, life has certainly thrown our family plenty of curveballs and stressful situations over the years and, unfortunately, my coping mechanism has always been to turn to food. 😟

Therefore, having been a serial comfort eater and yo-yo dieter (yep I’ve tried them all 😩) for most of the 30 years I’ve now been married, I honestly didn’t think there was a way of eating out there that could possibly help me break this destructive cycle.

That was until I discovered Metabolic Balance and took the plunge as a last ditch attempt to conquer my struggles once and for all. Linda has been the most amazing and supportive coach to me and I only wish I had discovered her and this programme years ago! 🙏🏻

In all honesty, when I first received my foods list and plan I saw it as restrictive, rather odd and assumed I would feel deprived and ravenous the whole time! 🤣

However, with Linda’s advice, guidance, supplement recommendations, ideas and suggestions I discovered none of those thoughts were justified and I would encourage anyone considering this way of eating to jump right in. I promise you won’t look back!

I have been following MB for 7 months now and I’m happy to report that I’m 25 kgs lighter than when I started. The last couple of months have been slower on the weight loss front but that’s been down to me and my choices and wobbling off the rails for a while there due to returning to work and the stresses that crept in with that but the fact is that as soon as I got my head back in the game, the progress continued. ✅

That’s the wonderful thing about MB - it works! 🤩 So, when life happens (which it inevitably will) and things go a bit pear-shaped for a while, the fact is you have the security of your plan to return to and the wobble need only be temporary! 👍🏻 In the past, I would have given up entirely but not anymore as I’ve finally found my true North. 🎉

Linda thank you again for everything. 🤗

Anni, 52yrs - Hormonal Balance

'Hi Melissa,

Getting this email off to you as I'm up and about and full of energy. 

I forgot to mention the night sweats and hot flushes have not been present these past 2 weeks either.  So something is settling with my hormones!  

My two pitted nails are also showing early signs of recovery. Less flakey over the pitted areas.  My nails had a growth spurt but it's a little early yet I feel, but I am keen to see them become stronger.

An hour and 25 minutes deep sleep last night.  

Feels incredible that these changes have happened in just 2 weeks.  Weight is also down 3.1kg in 13 days.

I've added leek from my food list to my vegetable selection yesterday (lovely with baked fish) & a goal this week is to mix my vegetables up a little more.

Thanks again for your support.'

Harriet, 73yrs - Type 2 Diabetes, Arthritis Pain

  • 9kg weight loss over 3 months
  •  Improvements in diabetes parameters
  • Aches & pains improved

Harriet had been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes approximately 10 years prior to starting her Metabolic Balance plan.  She was monitoring her blood sugar levels regularly, and checking in with her doctor for ongoing monitoring.  She was wanting to lose weight, not only to feel more comfortable within her clothes, but also to improve her prognosis for the future.  

She told us her aches & pains tended to be significantly worse when she ate gluten, and she often experienced reflux and bloating.

After 3 months eating from her personalised foods list, Harriet had learnt quite a lot about how different foods impacted her blood sugar levels, and how she felt from day to day.  She had a check-in with her doctor towards the end of her program, and new blood tests revealed that her fasting glucose and HbA1c (a marker of blood sugar management over a period of time) had improved, as had one of her liver markers.  She also found her digestion was more settled, and her aches & pains did improve whilst participating in the program.

Carol, 70yrs - Weight Loss

Carol first met Melissa at a Kick Sugar Workshop, and was intrigued with Melissa's information about the Metabolic Balance program.  Here's what she had to say at the end of her 3 month journey:

'I'm so pleased that it works and it's not a diet it's a lifetime way of living. Thank you very much first of all when I first met you at the library and then through a friend.'

Leanne, 63yrs - Weight Loss & Cholesterol

'Feeling very happy. Starting week 7 and have lost 9 kilos. Had a week recently where I lost nothing but clothes fitted better.

But my biggest excitement was in 4.5 weeks going from a cholesterol level of 6 down to 4.7. I had been around 6 for several years and had a recent trip to my new local GP who berated naturopaths and told me it takes some time to lower cholesterol. Inflammation markers were down too so more incentive to stay focused.'

Meg, 27yrs - Hormonal Breakouts

'Absolutely life changing.

I've struggled with severe adult hormonal acne over the last three years and had almost given up on finding a solution.  Then came Melissa Cook and Metabolic Balance.  

Not only has this program helped my aggressive flare ups, but it has also unlocked new increased levels of energy I thought I'd never feel again.  Not to mention the lack of bloating!  I've never felt more comfortable after eating a meal!

This program is incredibly informative, full of support and worth every dollar spent.  Melissa Cook has been like a 'healthy mother' to me who held my hand throughout the journey and encouraged me to keep going when times were tough.  

This has been an absolute game changer and I'm excited to continue supporting a healthier future version of myself.'

Alexandra, 57yrs - Weight Loss, Joint Pain & Energy

'Before starting Metabolic Balance I was struggling with low energy and slow and steady weight gain, despite a ‘good healthy’ diet.

I had tried intermittent fasting, shakes, calorie counting, combined with kilometres of walking and wanting things to be different.

I was a bit hesitant to take the plunge as I didn’t want to waste more money.

A couple of friends stated the program and I watched from the sidelines as incredible changes started to place before my eyes!  All the time wishing that could be me!

After seeing their renewed energy, weight loss, and glowing health improvements I was sold.

I made a plan to and was excited to start. I have not looked back. I thought it might be difficult learning about new foods and things to cook and eat but the support was amazing.

My personal plan was a map for success designed by my own body’s needs. I started seeing results in the first week! And every week since then. My GP was very happy with the results!

I’d say stop wishing and start eating your way to health with Metabolic Balance - it’s your plan specifically designed by your body!

I gained energy, improved sleep, clearer skin, lowered cholesterol, pain-free hips and knees, improved digestion, improved mood, renewed confidence.

I lost the weight struggle!'

As with any health program, results may vary between individuals.