4-Week Gut Care Program

Looking after our gut health has never been more important.

And if we are unlucky enough to suffer from gut upsets like bloating, indigestion, constipation, loose stools or food intolerances – these make it even more difficult to ignore what’s going on with our insides!

But it can be really tricky (not to mention super-confusing) to try to navigate all the info about gut health on your own.  There’s so much information out there – and getting the wrong advice can ultimately make matters worse. 

We understand that you want an approach that works with the body.  One that focuses on gentle healing, not harsh, irritating products that make you feel like you've just had your innards scrubbed with a scrubbing brush!

Thankfully, we’ve got the perfect solution for you!

Our Gut Care Program is Ideal if you're looking to...

  • relieve bloating, rumbling and gas
  • improve your bowel function & regularity – we believe going to the toilet should be easy, not an ordeal!
  • ease food intolerances & start to be able to enjoy your favourite foods again
  • boost your energy
  • feel clear-headed and mentally alert throughout the day
  • sleep better
  • support your immune resilience to infections
  • nourish your skin and reduce outbreaks
  • get healthy in preparation for pregnancy
  • take a proactive approach to your environmental toxin exposure – e.g. chemicals that you may come into contact with at work
  • address headaches
  • maybe lose a few kilos!
  • say goodbye to sugar cravings
  • get ‘back to basics’ with food – without the overwhelm of wading through conflicting nutritional advice
  • break a bad habit cycle - maybe a few too many coffees, wines or sweets have been sneaking into your day lately?
  • join our Metabolic Balance personalised nutrition program, but the time isn't quite right
  • access guidance, accountability and support from qualified nutritionists

Our Gut Reset Program is a 100% practitioner-only program that we’ve put together as a simple way to get your gut health on track – in as little as one month!  It’s short enough to fit in with your busy life, but long enough to create real change within the body.  

And best of all – we’re using delicious, real, everyday foods and easy lifestyle tweaks that won’t leave you feeling deprived!

How Does It Work?

First of all, the program is completely customised to YOU! 

We'll make sure to hone in on the areas of your body that need the most support – whether that be rebuilding a healthy gut flora, maximising your nutrient intake, supporting liver detoxification pathways, or simply helping you establish a solid foundation of good habits so you can stay healthier in the long run.

The program is based around real, everyday foods, and you’ll receive guidance as to what is best to eat.  We’ll also aim to give your body a rest from foods that can trigger inflammation and irritation – so that it’s given a good opportunity to heal and repair.

Plus, we’ll provide only the very best practitioner-strength, evidence-based supplements that will be perfectly matched to what you need!

Here's What's Included

  • Full program guide, containing your foods list, recipe ideas and other resources (in digital format, accessible from our dedicated online Member’s Hub)
  • 2 x private 1:1 appointments with your chosen qualified practitioner - we'll monitor your progress and answer any questions you may have along the way
  • All the practitioner-only supplements you need for the 4 weeks, personalised to your individual case



What's the difference between a practitioner-guided detox and a version I can get in a shop or online?

Most over-the counter/online detoxes are designed as a one-size-fits-all, and do not take your uniqueness into account.  In addition, these products often use harsh or poor-quality ingredients. They may temporarily speed up the transit time of your digestion (i.e. they make you poop a lot!) but usually aren't doing much to address the underlying cause of your health concerns.

When you work with a qualified practitioner, you can rest assured that you are getting the safest, most effective option that is backed by science.  We'll make sure that your recommendations are specific to you, and we take any medications or diagnosed health conditions into account before prescribing.  We also know how your detoxification pathways and digestive tract are meant to work, so we'll always focus on providing targeted support!

What kinds of foods will I be eating on the program?

There'll be plenty of delicious options you can choose from.  Fresh fruit and vegetables, lean protein like chicken, fish, legumes, nuts & seeds are all included in the program, as are gluten-free grains if you choose to use them.  Fresh herbs like garlic, chilli, ginger and lemongrass, tamari and spices without additives can also be used to flavour your foods.  Plus you'll receive suggested recipes you can use to create meals.  Fancy a Berry Smoothie, Tamari & Garlic Kebabs, Thai-Lime Chicken with Sesame Stir-Fry or Chocolate Coconut Truffles?  We've got you covered.

Do I have to give up coffee/tea/alcohol during my program?

We do recommend having a break from alcohol if you currently drink.  And in fact, embarking on the program can be a great opportunity to re-align with healthier habits if you've found yourself over-indulging recently. 

Depending on your individual case and your practitioner's recommendations, you may still be able to enjoy a coffee or tea.  Herbal teas, sparkling water, fresh juices and unsweetened kombucha can be used regardless.

What sort of results can I expect?

We've had some amazing feedback from participants who have followed our program.

Many have reported that...

  • their digestive symptoms have greatly improved (sometimes within the first couple of weeks)
  • they've been able to start re-introducing foods that had been causing reactions
  • their sleep is sounder 
  • they feel mentally clearer and more energetic
  • they've lost weight
  • sugar cravings have disappeared
  • breakouts have reduced and their skin is clearer
  • ...and more

 We also find that our participants say that the program fit easily into their life, and they actually enjoyed the foods.

One client (who had suffered gut issues for close to 30 years) recently told us that 'this program has worked better than anything else I've tried!'   

Can I do the program whilst pregnant or breastfeeding?

No, but we can help you with custom personalised nutrition recommendations to support optimal health and wellbeing for you and your baby during this time.

What will the supplements taste like?  Will they be awful?

We'll do our best to make sure that your custom practitioner-strength products are easy to take!  Most formulas tend to be in tablet form, or powders with natural flavours designed to be as palatable as possible.  

Will I be told to stop taking my pharmaceutical medications?

Absolutely not - we'll never interfere with any medical recommendations.  We can, however, work with you to ensure that your detox is safe alongside any medications you are currently taking.