What if we told you...

There IS a way to take the stress out of losing weight!

And it's the perfect way to take charge of your health at the same time.

Let's face it, it's not always easy.  Particularly when you're feeling...


You used to find it easy to manage your weight - yet since you hit your forties, the methods that used to work just don't get the same results anymore.  

You haven't changed a thing...but your body sure has!

It's disheartening when you feel like you are doing everything right...yet the results aren't reflecting the effort you are putting in.


You do your best to wade through all the conflicting advice that's out there.  But it's really confusing, and you don't want to waste time or energy on a strategy that isn't going to work, or that's not sustainable in the long run. 

You feel like you must have tried every diet under the sun - and each time you thought this one will FINALLY be the answer, you ended up no better off - and more confused than ever. 

Bored with diets

The thought of having to count calories, avoid carbs or mind your macros for the rest of your life is depressing.  

So is having to spend hours you don't have sweating it out at the gym!  

You'd like a plan that allows you to actually enjoy your food - one that fits in with your busy schedule.  Plus life's too short to miss out on social events!

Not really sure where things went wrong!

You're just not feeling like your old self anymore.  Your mojo has gone MIA.  There's niggly aches and pains that you never used to have to deal with.  Let's not even mention the hormones - they're all over the place!

That sensation of simply feeling good seems to have been lost somewhere along the way.

And what on earth happened to a good night's sleep??

The thing is, I know just how you feel...

I'm Linda, and I've been a qualified naturopath, nutritionist, herbalist working with clients in the natural health field for more than a decade.  

But I know what it's like to struggle with weight and hormones - I’ve done so most of my adult life.  And even though I’ve had the advantage of being a qualified practitioner with many nutritional strategies at my fingertips for years, I still found the weight crept on...and on.

I also started to notice that many of my clients were experiencing a similar pattern – and there were quite a few cases that left me scratching my head as to WHY they weren't seeing results when they were eating well and exercising.  I was determined to find a solution that was able to pinpoint the underlying reasons why weight loss wasn't happening.  Was there a strategy out there that would actually work for the long-term?  One that didn't require becoming a social hermit and avoiding anything tasty (and fun!)?  A way to overcome the unseen hurdles that hold success back?

Luckily I chanced upon Metabolic Balance, and the concept of personalised nutrition, and never looked back.  The program turned out to be exactly what I was looking for - both for myself AND my clients.  That's why I've incorporated it into my own life (you can read my personal story here).  It's now the #1 program we use to help our clients - not only with weight loss, but a whole range of health conditions as well.  

Metabolic Balance has been life-changing for me.  I love now having the opportunity to share this unique and refreshing approach, as well as witnessing the amazing transformations that are possible. when we simply get the food right.'

 How Metabolic Balance Is Different

It's just real food - not a shake or bar in sight!

There are no meal replacements or eliminating food groups in this program!  

Because we know that approach just doesn't work in the long-run - and what's more, it does nothing to address the reasons why you gained weight in the first place. 

Instead, you will eat 3 meals per day, getting back to basics by using fresh, tasty ingredients...which provides you with the perfect opportunity to develop new habits.

It's tailor-made just for you

You don’t necessarily like the same movies, hobbies or music as your friends – so why should you choose a one-size-fits-all eating plan? 

Your nutrition plan is created using information provided from 36 blood values (such as cholesterol, blood glucose, inflammation markers and thyroid function), as well as taking into account your unique body type and specific health concerns.  

This means that your plan is 100% matched to what your body needs.  

You'll get a clear plan. Plus all the support you need.

The program takes all the guesswork out of knowing what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat.   Not only will you receive a personalised foods list, your ideal portion sizes and meal timings are all worked out for you too!   

Which means you can relax knowing that you are doing the right thing for your health, with the guidance of qualified nutritionists available when you need it.

Your personalised Metabolic Balance program also includes plenty of extra resources and accountability -  so you can create a transformation in your life that lasts.

I love being part of the Metabolic Balance program.

Not only has it improved my health, but the weight loss to go with it keeps me motivated.  The program is tailored to suit your own individual needs.


Metabolic Balance Participant 2021

Originating in Germany over 20 years ago, Metabolic Balance is a proven program that has helped more than a million people worldwide.

Ultimately, Metabolic Balance is about re-balancing your body chemistry.  The theory behind the program is simple - given the correct nutrients, your body is able to produce the right balance of hormones and enzymes for optimal health.

Most weight-loss programs don't address the underlying reasons why you gained weight in the first place - meaning that as soon as you return to 'normal eating', you gain the weight back (often with a few extra kilos!).  

With Metabolic Balance, you are truly getting the chance to reset your body - and you'll know exactly what you need to do to maintain your results, for life.

Bonus Side Effects...

Happier Hormones

The majority of women who join our program report improvements in symptoms such as premenstrual syndrome (PMS), period pain, hot flushes and breast tenderness.

 Ditching That 'Blah' Feeling

Eating the foods that love you back means better health all-round -  chances are you'll notice sustained energy, a settled tummy, mental clarity and sound, refreshing sleep.

Reducing Inflammation

Gain insight around how certain foods impact your body.  Relief from aches & pains and easier range of movement is frequently reported by our very happy participants!

Reclaiming Your Health

Become empowered about your own body, and reduce your risk of 'lifestyle diseases'.  Improvements in cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure are frequently reported by our participants. 

Lost 11kg on Metabolic Balance, but what the best for me is no more tummy pains and less joint pain.  Before, I struggled to walk down a flight of stairs without looking for a hand rail because of my left knee.

Metabolic Balance and my massage therapist have got me hopping again.

Best thing I've done!!!

VonniE, 51

Metabolic Balance Participant 2021

How It Works

Not feeling like on a diet or deprived was a big thing for me. I crave my approved foods. No more brain fog, more energy and have had many compliments on how clear my eyes are.

Emily, 35

Metabolic Balance Participant 2021

The Four Phases Of Metabolic Balance

Phase 1: Preparation Phase.  This is a 2-day cleanse, where we get ready for nutritional conversion.

Phase 2: Strict Conversion Phase.  This is 'where the magic happens' - we support changes in the body using optimised nutrition.  You'll notice some major shifts happening during this phase.

Phase 3:  Relaxed Conversion Phase.  This phase helps you stabilise your metabolism so you can start to tune into your body's natural signals.

Phase 4: Maintenance Phase.  The final phase of the program is all about maintaining your great results - for life!

Been there, done that, tried every approach known to man over the past 30 years with varying levels of success, but all short-lived as none were sustainable.

Metabolic Balance is the plan I wish I had discovered 30 years ago!  This is the plan that is changing my life!

Tracy, 49

Metabolic Balance Participant 2023

How To Get Started...

Our packages are designed to give you all the tools you need to completely transform your life and health.
8-Week Program

Kick-start your health journey!

Ideal for single digit loss/health improvements/weight maintenance

  • Comprehensive Blood Test & Report
  • Personalised Nutrition Plan 
  • 2 x 1:1 Appointments
  • Access to 8 Weeks of Group Coaching Sessions
  • Exclusive Private Facebook Group
  • Starter Pack, including water bottle, magnet set and complimentary supplements 
  • Metabolic Balance App
  • Payment Plan Option


3-Month Program For 2

Want to join the program with your partner or a friend?

You'll save $150 each!

  • Comprehensive Blood Test & Reports x 2
  • Personalised Nutrition Plans x 2 
  • 2 each x 1:1 Appointments
  • Access to 13 Weeks of Group Coaching Sessions 
  • Exclusive Private Facebook Group
  • Online Resources Hub
  • Metabolic Balance App 
  • 2 x Starter Packs -water bottle, magnet set and complimentary supplements 
  • Payment Plan Option



How is Metabolic Balance any different from other programs?

The best thing about the program is that it is NOT a diet.  Instead of focusing on restriction and deprivation, Metabolic Balance is all about learning to trust and nourish your body again, with real food.  We also know that making changes can be challenging, so we cover mindset, habit change and overcoming self-sabotage as part of your journey.  What's more, the program is designed to help you get back in touch with your intuition and mindful eating - so that you have the tools and the knowledge to be proactive about your health and weight - for the long-term.  

What kind of results can I expect?

As you are unique, your results will be too.  Plus, your commitment to the program will obviously play a role.  However, the majority of women we work with lose between 10-15kg over the 3 month program - sometimes more!  It's also common for people to report significant reduction in aches/pains and digestive symptoms, as well as improvements in sleep, mental wellbeing, menopausal hot flushes, PMS, blood pressure and cholesterol levels during their journey.

When I receive my foods list, do I have to eat everything that's on it?

Not at all.  Most people receive a wide range of options on their list, giving them plenty of everyday foods to choose from.  You'll also receive meal suggestions covering combinations of options from your list, and you can swap these around to suit your tastes and lifestyle.

If the program helps find the foods that suit my body best...does that mean that's all I'll be able to eat, forever?

Absolutely not!  You will learn how to use your foods list and meal suggestions while you are working towards your goals - but you'll also understand how to include other foods that aren't on your list over time.  Plus, you'll find out how to safely navigate social occasions and holidays without undoing all your hard work!

What's the online resources Hub?

Our Member's Hub is a self-service area of the website, designed to compliment your program and help you become your healthiest self.  It includes resources such as recipe ideas, guides, tips and mindset strategies, so that you have extra help at your fingertips when you need it.  You'll have lifetime access to the Hub, so you can go back and revisit any of the modules anytime you like.

I have quite a bit of weight I'd like to lose - what happens at the end of my program if I'm not at my goal?  Am I just left on my own?

Certainly not!  At the end of your program we can advise you of the next steps, and you will have access to as much ongoing care as you'd like.  You also have access to our free Facebook group after you finish, for continued support and advice.

Will I need to take a gazillion supplements with this program?

Nope!  In fact, it's our aim to keep these to a minimum - instead, we prefer to see what the food can do!  Depending on your pathology results and your unique case, we may prescribe a couple of targeted herbal/nutritional supplements (vitamin D if your levels are low, digestive support etc) at the beginning of the program, in order to help support optimal results as quickly as possible.  

Can I do the program if I don't actually need to lose weight, but just want to find out about the foods that suit my body for health reasons?

Yes, you can.  Whilst most of our participants enrol with their primary goal of losing weight, there are many potential benefits to eating in tune with your body.  We've seen great results with a range of health issues in our clients who are already of a healthy weight.

I'm pregnant/breastfeeding - can I do the program?

No, you will need to wait until you have finished breastfeeding before you can enrol in the program.  However, as qualified nutritionists, we can provide you with custom nutritional guidance and recommendations specifically for this special time.  

I follow a vegan diet - will this be taken into account?

Unfortunately we cannot provide a fully vegan nutrition plan.  

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