Melissa’s Metabolic Balance Experience

Melissa Metabolic Balance

Left: 6 months prior to starting my Metabolic Balance program (Jan 2021).    Right: 4 months after starting my Metabolic Balance program (December 2021)

‘I'll see it when I believe it'. 

- Dr Wayne Dyer

That is a famous quote that touched me years ago and to this day still does, by Dr Wayne Dyer.

I was studying my degree in Nutritional Medicine a few years ago when I heard about a webinar that was being held on the topic of Metabolic Balance and how incredible this program would be to have in my nutrition business (mind you, I had no business at this stage). I was intrigued about this well-known health and weight loss program as it sounded so unique.  It had so many scientific back ups and I had a personal history of being overweight.

When I was an adolescent, I was the heaviest I have ever been (including as a 40-something year young woman now).  I was not happy. I was tormented and teased by my peers, even friends that weren’t deliberately being cruel…they just didn’t realise the impact of their words. I remember talking proudly about my love for jazz ballet and how I loved the classes I did at a dance school and one friend said to me in front of a group of our classmates, “aren’t you meant to be skinny to be a dancer?” My feeling of being proud of myself as a dancer was quickly left behind.

My mum didn’t know any different about food as she, too, had been overweight since the age of 14. I believe I was overfed through love and mum wanting me to be happy. I used to tag along as a young girl to weekly Weight Watchers meetings with mum, and as it happens 25 years later mum was coming to the Weight Watchers workshops I was holding weekly. I worked for Weight Watchers for 2.5 years whilst studying my Nutritional Medicine degree and loved inspiring and educating members. Relationships formed very easily through trust, respect and empathy.

So, I have always had a passion for weight loss and helping people change the way they feel about themselves as I found the majority of overweight people were not happy with the way they felt, or looked. (I can relate to this).

I completed a business subject during my university studies, a year after my introduction to the concept of Metabolic Balance and called my (fake) business ‘Metabolic Balance Results’. It obviously was still on the back of my mind, and I could visualise myself helping people through the Metabolic Balance program.

Six months go by and I had the most incredible opportunity come along to work with Linda at Zest Natural Therapies specialising in Metabolic Balance and even getting my own personalised program as part of my training. If you read my first sentence again, yes what you believe you can create or manifest. This is also true for weight loss.

My own personal journey since switching to the Metabolic Balance lifestyle…

As a Nutritionist I thought I was doing all the right things regarding food and exercise to keep my weight balanced yet when I released nearly 4 kilograms and felt more energised, I knew my world had been turned upside down in the way I looked at my food intake forever. Always watching what I ate and being a 6/7 day gym-goer prior, I prided myself in how trim I looked. It is funny when you see a photo of yourself (even when you think you are at a healthy weight and look ok) that it can be the catalyst for significant change.

 It was interesting for me to see that my pathology test noted I was deficient in magnesium and vitamin D which I would never have thought, so I got onto targeted supplementation right away. I love that we can gain insight into our health through the 30+ blood markers on the pathology testing we perform as the initial step into the program. I will soon do another test to compare my markers. This is an additional option anyone can do to compare their blood work.

I am a visual person so having a photo of myself on the fridge at a weight I was very happy with helped me. 

My Progress Along The Way

Within 4 months of starting my personalised program, I had lost 4 kilograms, my fingernails were smooth and strong, which they had not been for many years, (my nails used to have ridges which can indicate a nutrient and protein deficiency) and I felt the best I had felt in years.

During my first 4 weeks, I prepared myself for a different way of eating and was completely ready to be transformed internally and externally. I was used to snacking and although I chose healthy snacks, I still ate out of boredom and convenience rather than asking myself was I actually hungry.

The first 2 weeks was quite a mindset change, as I am an avid gym-goer (strenuous exercise is not recommended initially) - though something inside me fuelled me to follow the rules completely to gain the best results for resetting my metabolism.  When I incorporated my usual exercise routine back in after 2 weeks I did feel a little hungry the 4 hour mark onwards and just increased my portion sizes to suit. I soon learnt to listen to my hunger signals and realised I could easily have the 5-hour 'mini-fast' between meals that is one of the effective strategies we use as part of the program.

I started to receive compliments from colleagues at my other work, which propelled me to keep going. I will say, this was a lovely addition to my drive in following the program!   Though to be honest it was the wonderful physical effects I was feeling that really empowered me.

As mentioned earlier, more energy, less bloating and something I did not see coming….a heightened taste for each food. An apple or mango felt like I was on cloud 9!  When eating these fruits prior to my program, I did not think twice about its deliciousness or sweetness. I'm passionate about making healthy food enjoyable, so would create different ways of preparing my foods so that it would excite me and change up routine. For example. I would buy a big bag of frozen mango pieces and weigh out my portion, then pop in my blender with a little water and blend for a sweet frozen dessert. I also looked forward to my piece of rye bread and avocado each day - prior to my plan, I would not have been that excited about them.  One lesson I learned was that it had been over-estimating the portion sizes of food that I actually needed - as part of my program I received meal combinations and portion sizes that were created just for my body.  I was weighing thinking 'that doesn’t look much' - I would then finish my breakfast oats and feel very satisfied. If I had not been weighing my portions out, I would have been overeating them. In other words, portion sizes can be deceiving.

 I started to gain an appreciation for food and the taste sensation. Another vital outcome was the effect on my anxiety around going out for drinks and food that did not align with my healthy eating before starting my plan.  I found that this became a lot easier as I know I just go back onto my plan the next day and refocus.

Maintaining my results

I will now always live the Metabolic Balance lifestyle, incorporating the 80/20 rule.

The 3rd photo I want to share with you (below) was taken a little over one year after starting my plan.  I have stabilised my weight whilst gaining muscle through strength training at the gym. Combining both food and exercise together really does give optimum results and of course, exercise is great for my mental health.

The majority of my clients that I continue to help and support on their Metabolic Balance journey say the first thing they notice is the increase in energy. I also have helped clients be able to reduce (or even completely stop) their medications with their GP's full approval, due to their blood markers returning to the optimal ranges.  And my absolute favourite part is seeing them happier within themselves and living their lives to their full potential.

I encourage anyone that has been on the yo-yo dieting downfall - or just being confused about the best way to lose weight - to book in a free Discovery Session with either myself or Linda.  You have nothing to lose...and you are worth it!

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