We know just what it feels like when there's something 'not quite right'.

You used to find it easy to manage your weight, yet nowadays you feel like it’s a struggle just to stop moving up a clothes size.  And it’s getting worse the older you get.  The old methods you used to use just seem to have stopped working, which is frustrating!

But the thought of having to spend the rest of your life on a diet fills you with dread.  And the last thing you want to do is to have to spend every spare moment in the gym. - you've got more important (and fun) things to do!

You've tried to 'go it alone', but it was overwhelming to try to keep up with all the different diets that are out there.  And every new plan you’ve thought was the answer has left you feeling like a failure when it didn’t work. 

You’re also not feeling like your old self – your mojo has gone MIA.  There are a few more niggly aches and pains these days, and your hormones feel like they are all over the place.  Stress gets to you more than it used to, and as for sleep – what’s that?

You're not alone (or going crazy)!

You've come to the right place - we LOVE to work with women like you every day!

And the answer may be simpler than you think.

Because personalised nutrition is truly a different way of doing things.

Which is exactly why it has worked for over a million people, worldwide.

The thing is, I know just how you feel. 

I'm Linda, the clinic owner, and I'm a qualified naturopath, nutritionist, herbalist and certified Metabolic Balance coach.  I’ve always struggled with my weight and hormones, and even though I’ve had the advantage of being a qualified practitioner with many nutritional strategies at my fingertips for years, I still found the weight crept on..

I also started to notice that many of my patients were experiencing a similar pattern – and I was wanting to find a way to really personalise their nutritional recommendations so that they could overcome the unseen hurdles that were holding them back.

That's why I've introduced Metabolic Balance to my own life, and my clinic - to provide a real, long-lasting and nourishing solution that brings freedom from the endless cycle of dieting. 

The great thing about Metabolic Balance..

...is that it's not actually a diet!


And it certainly is not about avoiding whole food groups, calorie-counting or saying goodbye to your social life in case you accidentally encounter a carb.

Instead, it's a plan for life.

With a clear, proven, step-by-step process to reset your metabolism, and lose weight - for good.

Now, doesn't that make a lot more sense?

How it works:

Personalised To Suit Your Unique Biochemistry

You don’t necessarily like the same movies, hobbies or music as your friends – so why should you choose a one-size-fits-all diet?  

Your food plan is created from 36 blood markers (such as cholesterol, blood glucose and thyroid function) – meaning that it is 100% matched to YOU.

Feel Satisfied & Say Goodbye to Cravings!

The cornerstone of Metabolic Balance is supporting healthy blood glucose levels – which means that cravings, hunger and energy slumps disappear. 

And that makes eating healthy soooo much easier!

100% Natural Wholefoods  

There are no shakes, bars or skipping meals in this program!  Because we know that approach just isn't sustainable. 

Instead, you will simply eat 3 meals per day, using fresh, real, tasty ingredients.  You'll develop new habits and expand your culinary experience.  

Coaching & Support 

Studies have shown that having someone who has your back during a weight-loss program can make all the difference!

Your personalised Metabolic Balance program includes coaching sessions for motivation and accountability.


Our participants tell us they feel the difference in how they feel (and their clothes) extremely quickly. 

And what’s great is that Metabolic Balance has been shown to leave other weight-loss strategies in the dust – the majority of participants are able to maintain weight loss long-term.

A Clear Plan

The program takes all the guesswork out of knowing what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat. Which means you can relax knowing that you are doing the right thing for your health.

You’ll also learn how to tune in to your body’s natural signals and begin to eat intuitively. 

I love being part of the Metabolic Balance program.

Not only has it improved my health, but the weight loss to go with it keeps me motivated.  The program is tailored to suit your own individual needs.


Metabolic Balance Participant 2021

There IS a way to get off the dieting merry-go-round - permanently.

AND it's the perfect way to get on top of your health issues at the same time!

Just by finding the right foods for YOU.

Trusted The World Over

Originating in Germany over 20 years ago, Metabolic Balance is well-known in 30+ countries.  The program has been the subject of various studies as well as many, many success stories. 

Most importantly, Metabolic Balance is about re-balancing your body chemistry.  The theory behind the program is that, given the correct nutrients, your body is able to produce the right balance of hormones and enzymes for optimal health.

Most weight-loss programs don't address the underlying reasons why you gained weight in the first place - meaning that as soon as you return to your old habits, you gain the weight back (often with a few extra kilos!).  With Metabolic Balance, you are truly getting the chance to reset your body with the tools you need - for lifetime freedom from restrictive diets.

Our Participants Love These Bonus Side Effects....

(as with any health program, results may vary between individuals)

Move Into Fat-Burning Mode.

The program is designed to switch your body from fat-storage mode to fat-burning mode.  

We usually see loss of 10-15kg over 3 months.

Get Your Zest For Life Back! 

Eating the foods that love you back means better health all-round -  chances are you'll notice sustained energy, a settled tummy, mental clarity and sound, refreshing sleep.

Ease the Hormonal See-Saw.

The majority of women who follow the program report improvements in symptoms such as PMS, period pain, hot flushes and breast tenderness.  

Ward Off Inflammation.

Metabolic Balance is a great way to find out how certain foods impact inflammation within the body.   

Relief from aches & pains and better ease of movement is frequently reported by our very happy participants!

Cholesterol & Blood Pressure.

Improvements in cholesterol levels, ratios and blood pressure have been recorded in many people who have participated in Metabolic Balance. 

Which means your future self will thank you!

A Preventative Approach to ‘Lifestyle Diseases’.

Living a long, happy and active life, where we are proactive about staying well is one of the greatest gits we can give ourselves.

Taking control of your health means you can reduce the risk of developing chronic health conditions like Type 2 Diabetes.

Lost 11kg on Metabolic Balance, but what the best for me is no more tummy pains and less joint pain.  Before, I struggled to walk down a flight of stairs without looking for a hand rail because of my left knee.

Metabolic Balance and my massage therapist have got me hopping again.

Best thing I've done!!!

VonniE, 51

Metabolic Balance Participant 2021

Not feeling like on a diet or deprived was a big thing for me. I crave my approved foods. No more brain fog, more energy and have had many compliments on how clear my eyes are.

Emily, 35

Metabolic Balance Participant 2021

The Four Phases Of Metabolic Balance:

Phase 1: Preparation Phase.  This is a 2-day detox/gut cleanse, where we get ready for nutritional conversion

Phase 2: Strict Conversion Phase.  This is 'where the magic happens' - we support changes in the body using optimised nutrition.  You'll notice some major shifts happening during this phase.

Phase 3:  Relaxed Conversion Phase.  This phase helps you stabilise your metabolism so you can start to tune into your body's natural signals.

Phase 4: Maintenance Phase.  The final phase of the program is all about maintaining your great results - for life!

Your 3 Month Program Includes

Comprehensive Blood Test, Report & Interpretation

We use markers from your pathology test to find the ideal foods for your body. 

Your Personalised Nutrition Plan & Meal Suggestions

Find out what you need to eat, when to eat, and how much - take all the guesswork out of what is good for you!

2 x Private 1:1 Sessions

We will walk you through your foods list, pathology results and how to get started on your plan, including meal ideas & tips.   Plus we'll touch base with you after you start your program, to ensure everything is going smoothly!

Weekly Group Coaching Sessions 

Get support, accountability & troubleshooting when you need it - all from the comfort of your own home.

Resources & Community

Enhance your success with the online hub, including recipes, guides and tips for lasting habit change.  And join the supportive private Facebook group for our participants to meet like-minded people on the same journey.


Access to the Metabolic Balance app, so you can take your plan with you on-the-go.  Plus a durable water bottle and magnet set to help keep you on track.

Program Cost $1600

(Payment plans are available)