Hello, Hormones!  Sort Your PMS, Period Pain & Irregular Cycles

Wednesday 26th June, 6:30pm

Rod & Helen Stirling Room

Clive Berghofer Events Centre, Toowoomba Showgrounds


Are your hormones ruling your life?

 Do you suffer from PMS that makes you feel like a crazy woman?

 Do you often get bloated, or experience pain, cramping and tummy upsets around the time of your period?

Do you never know when your period is going to turn up?

Are you experiencing trouble falling pregnant?

 Have you been told that it's 'just part of being a woman' and you need to put up with it?


It's not, and you don't!


As a qualified and experienced naturopath, nutritionist and herbalist, Linda regularly works with women suffering from the effects of hormonal imbalances.

Linda will be discussing the many effective natural herbal medicines available, as well as simple lifestyle and nutritional strategies that can be used to help address the underlying causes of irregularity, pain and mood swings.


'Naturally Healthy Hormones' E-Book

Mini Recipe Book

Optional Free Zinc Testing included in the session

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Further Upcoming Workshops in 2019

Wednesday 7th August, 6:30pm - Gut Health & Detoxification

Wednesday 18th September, 6:30pm - Topic to be advised

Wednesday 20th November, 6:30pm - Topic to be advised


Need A Speaker For An Event?


Linda is available for workshops and talks at your place of business or community group, and can create an informative session around your requirements.


Available topics include:

- Women's Health & Hormonal Balance - period pain, PMS, endometriosis, PCOS, menopause

- Stress Management in the home or workplace

- Boosting Immunity - avoiding colds, flus & infections

- Gut Health

- General nutrition/using food as medicine

- Detoxification/Health Reset

 - Allergies

- Children's Health - reducing sick days, nutrition, behaviour, natural herbal treatments for common ailments

- Food Intolerances

- Thyroid Health - underactive/overactive thyroid, Hashimotos Disease, Graves Disease

- Heart Health - blood pressure, cholesterol

- Men's Health - prostate, moods, energy

- Fertility and Pregnancy

- Improving energy

- Better sleep

- Healthy moods - depression, anxiety


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