The Good Gut Health Workshop

Wednesday 18th September, 7:00pm

Join naturopath, nutritionist & herbalist Linda Back for this informative session, covering the latest news in gut health - from where it all begins.

Learn about:

- The obvious (and not-so obvious) signs that point to unhappy, unhealthy gut
- The different layers of the gut and their functions, including the microbiome (gut bacteria)
- Foods and lifestyle tweaks to boost gut health
- The latest in gut health testing options

Your session includes PDF notes, Gut Health Recipe Booklet & optional Zinc Testing


Bookings Essential - $35.00 each or 2 for $60.00


[Webinar] How To Have A Happy Thyroid

Wednesday 16th October, 7:00pm AEST

Are you always tired, can't lose weight, or your cycle is all out of whack?

Do you experience 'brain fog', unusual aches and pains, or spend most of your time feeling flat and low?

Do you have a diagnosed thyroid problem, but find that even with medication you still don't feel as well as you think you should|?

Your thyroid gland plays a central role in your vitality, hormones, energy and metabolism - yet many people are unaware that their thyroid can be playing up - even when test results say everything is 'normal'!

Join this informative session from the comfort of your own PC or smartphone, wherever you happen to be.

Your session includes a 7-Day Happy Thyroid Meal Plan, session notes and Thyroid Test Cheat Sheet.


Registrations Essential - $25.00 each

Register HERE

Upcoming Workshops:

Wednesday 20th November, 7:00pm - Topic to be advised


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A variety of topics are available, including nutrition, gut health, stress management, boosting immunity and more.

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