Health Coaching With Linda

Have you ever wondered WHY it seems so difficult to make healthy habits stick?

What is Health Coaching?

We can know all there is to know about health & wellbeing...but if we struggle with mental blocks that are working against us, change can seem like an impossible task.

And this is where working with someone who can help you 'connect the dots' can be invaluable.

Health coaching uses a unique blend of motivational interviewing, positive psychology & cognitive behavioural therapy to help you overcome barriers to success.

 For sustainable habit change, the understanding, inspiration, and (most importantly!) the answers need to come from within yourself - and a health coach can help you shine a light on strengths you may not know you had!

Tap into your inner motivation

Release the struggle and move forward - in a way that works for YOU.

You're In The Driver's Seat

Your coach can help you find strategies that work best with your life, schedule, family situation and personality.

Identify Your Triggers

Your coach can help you with strategies to eliminate self-sabotage,  by increasing awareness of hidden, subconscious triggers.

Build Confidence

& Self-Esteem

The focus is on helping you find empowerment, and take positive steps towards your goals.

Learn & Gain Insights

An 'a-ha moment' around certain thinking patterns or behaviours can play a key role in understanding what drives habits and choices.

Connect With Your Values

What's the 'why' that motivates you, deep down inside?  Finding that deep, intrinsic motivation is 'where the magic happens'!

Get Excited About The Future!

Clarity around where you see yourself going is priceless,  You'll increase your awareness around how to make changes that last long-term.

How would it feel if you could show up as the best version of yourself?

 As a qualified Health Coach, Linda can help with:

Food & Nutrition Habits

  • Improve mindfulness around food choices
  • Stick to a nutrition plan/program
  • Enhance planning and prepping skills
  • Overcome binge eating
  • Reduce/eliminate junk food intake
  • Set achievable, realistic goals
  • Brainstorm new ideas and solutions
  • Move out of a rut
  • Prevent lapses

Alcohol Intake

  • Address drinking habits
  • Understand what's driving the desire to drink
  • Find healthier alternatives
  • Trial alcohol-free periods (eg 'Dry July')


  • Find ways to prioritise activity
  • Overcome excuses and barriers preventing regular movement
  • Discover new ways to fit exercise into your life


  • Release guilt around self-care
  • Make rest and relaxation a priority
  • Find more 'me time'
  • New ways to 'fill your cup'

Lifestyle Habits

  • Prioritise sleep quality
  • Reduce digital device use
  • Work-life balance
  • Better stress management

Coaching packages With Linda


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6 Sessions

Weekly or Fortnightly


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9 Sessions

Weekly or Fortnightly


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12 Sessions

Weekly or Fortnightly


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