About Online Appointments

How do online appointments work?

Our appointments are conducted using 'Telehealth', which is a secure platform used by thousands of health professionals around the country.  When you book an appointment, our system automatically generates a unique link that is sent to you via email.  If you've provided your mobile number during the booking process you'll also receive an SMS reminder containing the link approximately 48 hours prior to your appointment.  

All you need to do at your scheduled appointment time is click the link from a computer, tablet or phone, and the session will automatically connect.  It's easier than making a phone call!

We recommend that you find yourself a comfortable, private place to talk, and minimise any distractions from pets or kids (if possible!) so that you can get the most out of your time with us.

Are there benefits to online appointments?

Online appointments are a simple and time-efficient way to access professional natural healthcare, no matter where you live!  Working online means you also save on travel costs, and minimise time away from your family or career responsibilities..  

We find that our clients tend to actually be more relaxed during online consultations, as they are in their own environment.  

Working online means we also don't have to maintain a physical office space, allow extra time between appointments or run a dispensary - which means we've been able to pass on these savings to you.  

I'm unsure about having an appointment online - do I need to be tech-savvy?

Telehealth is actually quite easy, and there's no special software or gadgets needed.   We have clients of all ages  who work with us this way and love it.

99% of the time we find there are no technical issues and everything runs smoothly.  In the unlikely event we experience a connection problem on the day, we'll give you a call instead.

Is there any difference between in-person and online when it comes to results?

Nope!  We've had online appointments available since 2020, and we find that the overwhelming majority of our clients continue to achieve great results.

The advice we provide, any resources we use, our experience and the treatment strategies we offer all remain the same.

What about tests or further investigations?

If we feel it would be a good idea to further investigate an area of your health, this is simple to arrange.  In fact, we do this all the time!

Your test form will be sent to you via email, and all you'll need to do is print this out and take it to your most convenient collection centre.  We'll provide you with a copy of the report, as well as any insights from your results.

What happens if I need herbal or nutritional supplements as part of my treatment plan?

That's not a problem at all, as we have access to an extensive range of treatment options via a user-friendly online ordering system.  

Your products (and refills, if appropriate) will be prescribed by your practitioner, and you can have these delivered to your home, workplace or P.O. Box.