Can Your Blood Test Results Help You Reset Your Metabolism?

Working out what to eat for good health, and sustainable weight loss (emphasis on the sustainable part!) is not always as easy as it looks.

You might have been told to eat less and exercise more, count calories or try a strategy like fasting, low-carb or weight watchers.  And whilst some of these methods may work in the short-term – like most diets they often give unpredictable results. Have you ever had a friend who charged ahead with a keto diet, yet for you, nothing changed? It's really frustrating...

That’s because all of these approaches do not take your individuality into account. They haven’t been created just with YOUR body in mind.

This is where our personalised nutrition program, Metabolic Balance, is just as unique as you are.

Because it is primarily based on particular markers that are checked as part of a comprehensive blood test. Meaning that not only do you get a fantastic insight into what is ACTUALLY going on with your health at the moment, we also use these great little nuggets of information as the basis for your personalised food plan.

Here's what we check as part of your blood screen:

  • All your blood cells. We’ll look at whether your red blood cells (the ones that carry oxygen around your body) are showing signs of good health, and whether your immune cells appear to be in the correct ratios for robust immunity.
  • Your thyroid function – including your 2 thyroid hormones T4 & T3 (which are not usually checked as part of a conventional test). We'll consider if your thyroid may be an overlooked factor in a slow metabolism, fatigue, hormonal ups & downs (particularly those that come with perimenopause), a sluggish gut or brain fog.
  • Several markers of inflammation within the body. Low-grade inflammation can be a root cause of many health issues, including slow weight loss. We’ll see if your blood results reflect this, and if so, you can be confident that your nutrition plan will provide a clear anti-inflammatory eating strategy designed just for you. This is great news if you suffer from niggly aches & pains!
  • Your iron levels, including how much iron you have stored in reserve (this can be particularly useful if you are prone to low iron or anaemia)
  • Markers of liver and kidney health.
  • Markers of bone health
  • Cholesterol, triglycerides and glucose, which can give us an idea about whether you may be at risk of metabolic syndrome (also known as ‘pre-diabetes’)
  • Your Vitamin D levels, which are often overlooked when it comes to common medical investigations. We’ll also consider whether your levels are ‘ok’ or ‘really great’ (yes, there is a difference!)

The other great bonus with the way we do our testing is that we truly believe you should have a full understanding of what is going on with your health – and that includes knowing what your blood tests reveal, and putting those pieces of the puzzle together.

We don’t just supply you with a bunch of numbers on a page - that might be fine for your doctor, but what do they actually mean?

You’ll receive a detailed report, explaining all the markers and any insights they provide into how you’ve been feeling. You’ll be able to see at a glance whether your results are just ‘ok’ or if they are ‘optimal’. We’ll also go through these with you during your private 1:1 session, and we're always happy to answer any questions you may have about your results.

And as practitioners, we love the extra insight this test gives us into YOUR health – so that we can support you on your journey to a healthier, happier you.
After this step, we use these results to create your personalised nutrition plan, where you’ll learn which foods suit you best, and exactly what you need to do to get your health to where you want it to be.


P.S. Are you keen to find out more about our program, results our participants have achieved, and whether it might be right for you? Book a Initial Appointment with either myself or Melissa today, and let’s chat about how we can best help you!


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