Weight Loss

Linda recommends the Shake It Practitioner Weight Management Program - an easy-to-follow, scientifically advanced fat loss program that has been proven to be both safe and effective. This program focuses on correcting the underlying hormonal balance that causes you to store fat in the first place.


If followed correctly, you can expect to lose up to 2kg of fat per week. The program does not involve calorie-counting, weighing foods, food deprivation, extreme hunger or exhausting exercise regimes.


If weight loss is your primary goal, Linda will assess your overall health status as part of your initial Wellness Assessment and look for factors that may be making it difficult for you to lose weight, such as low thyroid function, stress, blood sugar fluctuations, poor sleep patterns and toxins. Identifying and addressing these factors alongside your program means that you are more able to reach your goals quickly and effectively.

The Shake It Practitioner Weight Management Program may also help you:

  • Ensure you lose fat, not muscle (meaning that you are less likely to  experience rebound weight gain/yo-yo dieting).
  • Lose belly fat.
  • Stay fuller for longer.  You shouldn’t feel hungry whilst on the program.
  • Reduce sugar cravings.
  • Reduce inflammation.
  • Reduce your risk of heart attack, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke and cancer.
  • Maintain healthy cholesterol, triglyceride and blood glucose levels.
  • Support the natural clearance of toxins.
  • Learn long-term, sustainable healthy eating habits into the future.

Working with a qualified health practitioner has many advantages over traditional low-calorie dieting. During your program, Linda regularly assesses your body composition and monitors your progress. As part of your program, you have access to ongoing support, tips, ideas and help to overcome obstacles along the way, and these are essential parts of ensuring your weight-loss success.


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