Nutritional Analysis: Insight Into Your Food & Health

When it comes to working out what we should (or shouldn’t) be eating for optimal health and weight management, the task can seem overwhelming.  There are a million different diets and plans out there – all promising the world, but not always delivering.

With all this ‘noise’ around nutrition, finding out what suits your body best is crucial.  And that’s where an in-depth look at your food intake can be invaluable.  I’ve recently invested in FoodWorks, Australia’s top nutritional analysis software.  This new addition to the clinic has already been extremely helpful to many of my patients, and I’m loving having access to this new level of nutritional insight!

What Are The Benefits?

Taking a closer look at your food intake has a wide range of benefits – whether you are trying to reclaim your health, or are looking to establish a better foundation for the future.   An in-depth nutritional analysis can provide guidance for understanding:

  • Your unique nutrient intake and needs – for your age, activity level, gender and health goals
  • Your average fibre intake (crucial for gut health)=
  • Whether you are eating the right foods for weight loss
  • How many calories/kilojoules you should aim for each day for your particular body and activity levels
  • Whether you have a good balance of different foods (proteins, fats etc)
  • If your sodium intake is too high and could be contributing to your blood pressure
  • Your ideal preconception, pregnancy and/or breastfeeding nutrient intake
  • Checking on intakes of important nutrients – such as calcium, ironiodinezinc or selenium
  • Assessing your nutrient intake if you are on a restricted diet (eg if you suffer from food allergies or intolerance)
  • Working out if it is a good idea to take a certain supplement

How Is A Nutritional Assessment Done?

Thankfully, having a nutritional assessment is now as easy as (healthy) pie!

What’s great about FoodWorks is that it connects effortlessly to a free app that you can use on your smartphone called Easy Diet Diary.  By tracking your food each day, at the end of the week you can submit your diary to me at the click of a button and we can look at what has been happening for you food-wise.

The diary is very easy to use, and takes its information from Australian foods, so most common foods and brands are listed.  There is even a handy barcode scanner that brings up the latest nutritional information on supermarket foods.

Once your diary has been assessed from within the FoodWorks program, we can then discuss whether you are meeting your needs, and if there are any ‘tweaks’ that could be made with your food to help you achieve better results.

The Missing Link – Accountability!

Not only has this new service been helpful, many patients have achieved better, quicker results with their goals because using the app and sending the diary in each week helps accountability.

While we often have the best of intentions with our food, the realities of a busy day, stressful events, social life etc can often mean that nourishing our body comes waaaaay down the list.   Tracking brings a level of commitment that pays dividends to your health in the long run.  I’ve even started using the app myself and submitting my own diary (to myself!) for this very reason.

Monitor Your Progress With Quadscan

Nutritional analysis combines perfectly with Metascan™ Quadscan Body Composition and Cellular Health Analysis testing.  A Quadscan report gives us so much information about what is going on within your body – including how much muscle you have, how much fat you are carrying, your hydration, cellular health indicators, and it also gives us an idea about your energy needs per day.  From here, in conjunction with nutritional analysis and tracking, we can closely monitor the difference in your body as you make progress.


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