Children’s Health

We all want healthy, happy kids.  But if your child is continually unwell, it can be stressful for you as their parent.


Natural options are available for:


- Immune system health - boosting immunity for less sick days, fewer colds/flus or other infections

- Fussy eating

- Concentration & school performance - both primary and secondary

- Behavioural issues

- Digestive upsets - sore tummies, constipation & food intolerances

- Eczema

- Asthma and allergies

 - Acne

- Supporting optimal growth and development

Your child’s initial appointment involves a thorough case history, dietary assessment, and Linda uses clinical screening tools to help identify and address the cause of issues, as well as enhancing your understanding of what is going on with your child’s health.  Treatment may include nutritional supplements and/or herbal medicines, and often some simple dietary tweaks can make a world of difference to your child.

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