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The Naturopathic Difference:

There's nothing I love more than helping people find the REAL reason why they don't feel so great.  After all, you are a whole person, not a collection of limbs and organs!  The core of naturopathic medicine is always to treat you as a whole person, and to put our detective hat on to find out as much as we can about where the problem that we can work out what we need to do to improve it.  Makes sense, hey?

This is where a naturopathic approach can be quite distinct from what you may have experienced with your doctor or specialist, where the focus was likely to have been solely on treating your symptoms.

Here's how a full Initial Wellness Assessment usually unfolds...

Step 1

First of all, time is of the essence.  And by that I mean that I actually like to spend more time with you rather than this is how I get a good feel for what is going on with your health.  I also know how important it is to feel heard and understood when you are dealing with a health challenge.

Your Initial appointment is of particular importance, and in most cases these take around 45 minutes to an hour (plus I spend a good hour or so after the appointment researching your case).

Step 2

During your appointment we have a good chat about the kinds of things that might have contributed to why you aren't feeling so great.  I will take you through a health history (which is simply a timeline or sorts to pinpoint key pieces of the picture).

We may talk about a variety of things, including your symptoms, any illnesses or surgeries, what you typically eat for meals, how much sleep you get, and whether you are taking any medications or supplements.

Step 3

Then we look at what your goals are - if your health issues resolved, how would that make a difference to your life?  What would you do if your condition wasn't limiting you?  Where do you see yourself in 6 months, a year, or even in 5 years?

This is an important part of the healing journey.  After all, health challenges don't just affect one part of the body, they affect your whole being - body, mind and spirit.  Being able to pinpoint your why is a key factor in getting your health back on track.

Step 4

Depending on the type of appointment you have chosen, I also may perform some in-clinic screening tests (if your session is online, we do a fun virtual assessment instead).

I may also review your own pathology tests if you have them available, or discuss whether we feel that any other tests would be worthwhile.

Step 5

At the end of the session, I may recommend a herbal medicine or nutritional supplement to start you off with for initial symptomatic relief.

Then we part ways, and I spend time after the session researching and preparing your report and treatment plan.  These are designed to help give us a clear way forward.

Step 6

After you receive your emailed report and treatment plan outline, you sit down in a comfortable spot and review your results.

You also check out the free recipe booklet that accompanies your report, and plan tomorrow's healthy breakfast!


The Perks Of Seeing A Practitioner:

Online and In-Person Appointments

Don't let distance stop you from getting your health on track!  I have a range of appointment types available, and I often conduct online appointments with patients who can't get to the clinic.  I use a secure system called 'Telehealth' which you can access from a simple link on your computer or phone.  You are also welcome to use a combination of face-to-face and online appointments if that suits.  Advice, resources, herbal medicines, supplements, and functional pathology testing can be arranged quickly and easily.

To find out more about appointment options, see the Book An Appointment page.

Practitioner-Only Herbal Medicines & Supplements

In my opinion these are the bees knees, and the only products I use for myself, my family...even my dog!   Practitioner-Only products use therapeutic doses of herbal medicines and bio-available nutrients that match those used in scientific research, and are ultra-pure and hypo-allergenic.  Most patients report noticing a significant improvement in how they feel - often within the first few weeks of care.

I use leading brands such as Metagenics, Mediherb, Eagle Professional Natural Medicine, as well as bespoke liquid herb blends and herbal creams.

In-Clinic Screening Tests

Face-to-face appointments at the Toowoomba clinic generally include one or more screening tests, such as blood pressure or a body composition assessment.  These are conducted within the appointment itself, and may provide you with insight into your current state of health, as well as a starting point for your health journey.

Screening tests are a fantastic way to help monitor your progress, and these can be incredibly motivating and are great for accountability!

Find out more about the many available screening tests I have available here.

Functional Pathology Testing

If you have an area of your health that you feel you would like investigated, then I am all ears.  I  can provide you with access to a range of assessments through the clinic, via reputable Australian-based laboratories.

If you already have tests from your medical professional available, I can review these with you and explain how your results may tie in to the symptoms you have been experiencing.

Read more about functional pathology testing, including which tests are available through the clinic here.

Nutritional Advice

Great news - I'm a qualified nutritionist as well as naturopath!  This means that I can help you work out whether your diet is right for you - and help you find a sustainable way of eating that suits YOUR body.   Track your food with a free app that connects to my nutritional analysis software, and we can find out whether you are on the right path.

Find out more about my approach to nutrition (or as I like to call it, 'food as medicine') here.

Resources At Your Fingertips!

Reclaiming your health should be fun as well as a learning journey - that's why I have a range of resources available to help you get to where you want to be.  As I love breakfast myself, I have created a free recipe booklet to get you started with some great breakfast ideas for sustained energy throughout the day - this is provided with all initial appointments.   I can also provide further resources (such as therapeutic diets or specific advice for particular health conditions) if you need them.

Keen to get started?  I'm keen to help you!

Visit the Book An Appointment page for appointment options & availability.