Naturopath Consultation Services in Toowoomba & Australia-Wide

The Naturopathic Difference:

Naturopathic care is all about identifying and addressing the underlying causes of health issues as much as possible - and the focus is always on you as a whole person.  With this in mind, Linda takes the time to find out as much information as possible about your health at your first appointment, in order to help establish the root causes and any factors that may be hindering a return to health.  Your initial appointment will cover areas of your health such as:

- Your main health concerns, including symptoms you have been experiencing - when they started, and how long they have been present for

- How your health issues are impacting your quality of life

- Where you would like your health to be - your unique goals and motivation for seeking help

- Your stress levels and any stress-management techniques you currently use

- Rest and relaxation opportunities, and how well you sleep

- Your energy and vitality levels

- Your digestive function

- The kinds of foods you eat on a regular basis

- Your activity levels

- Any medications/supplements you are currently taking

- Any medical investigations that have been conducted

As part of your in-depth consultation, Linda makes it a priority to help you better understand the what, why and how of your body - what is most likely to have caused your health issues in the first place, why you are experiencing your troubling symptoms, and how you can get back to functioning at your best with the most targeted natural support.

This ensures that you receive a completely individualized approach to your health that is focused around your unique needs, and designed to help you feel better, sooner.

The Many Benefits of Professional Naturopathic Care

If you have found yourself at the end of your tether by trying to sort out your health on your own, then it is time to have someone on your team who can guide and support you.  After all, true health goes far beyond simply suppressing symptoms with strong medications, or just throwing supplements at the problem without knowing if they are going to help.  As a practitioner who has trained extensively in holistic management of both acute and chronic health conditions, working with Linda can potentially save you time - and money - in the long run.

Online and In-Person Appointments

Distance need be no barrier to seeking help with your health.  Linda has a range of appointment types available, and regularly conducts online appointments with patients who cannot physically attend the clinic.  Many patients opt for a combination of in-person and online appointments!  Linda uses an efficient online supplement prescribing service with Australia-wide and global delivery, and a range of tests can be conducted via distance as well.

To find out more about appointment options, see the Book An Appointment page.

Practitioner-Only Herbal Medicines & Supplements

When you are serious about your health, you only want the best-quality, most potent support available.  Linda uses a range of Practitioner-Only products in the clinic, and most patients report noticing a significant improvement in how they feel - often within the first few weeks of care.  Practitioner-Only products use therapeutic doses of herbal medicines and bio-available nutrients that match those used in scientific research, and are ultra-pure and hypo-allergenic.

Linda uses leading brands such as Metagenics, Mediherb, Eagle Professional Natural Medicine, as well as bespoke liquid herb blends and herbal creams.

In-Clinic Screening Tests

Face-to-face appointments with Linda at the Toowoomba clinic generally include one or more screening tests, such as blood pressure or a body composition assessment.  These are conducted within the appointment itself, and may provide you with insight into your current state of health, as well as a starting point for your health journey.

Linda also uses screening tests to help monitor your progress, and these can be incredibly motivating and are great for accountability!

Find out more about the many available screening tests Linda has available here.

Functional Pathology Testing

If you have an area of your health that you feel you would like investigated, Linda can provide you with access to functional pathology testing.  A range of assessments are available through the clinic, via reputable Australian-based laboratories.

If you already have tests from your medical professional available, Linda can review these with you and explain how your results may be relevant to your health from a holistic perspective.

Read more about functional pathology testing, including which tests are available through the clinic here.

Nutritional Assessments

As a qualified nutritionist as well as naturopath, Linda can help you work out whether your diet is right for you - and guide you to an eating style that is sustainable and suits YOUR body!   Track your food with a free app that connects to Linda's nutritional analysis software, and find out whether you are on the right track to reach your goals.

Find out more about Linda's approach to nutrition here.

Naturopathic Yoga™

Naturopathic Yoga™ is an optional service created with your health in mind - and it fits in perfectly with your lifestyle!  This online series can be followed in the comfort of your own home, and is suitable for beginners to yoga enthusiasts.

A range of easy-to-follow sequences are available, including energy-boosting, anxiety, preconception and pregnancy, women's balance and more.

Resources At Your Fingertips!

Reclaiming your health should be fun as well as a learning journey - that's why Linda has a range of free and low-cost resources available to help you achieve your goals. All initial appointments receive a free recipe booklet, to get you started with some great breakfast ideas for sustained energy throughout the day!  A complementary 'Food As Medicine' resource, where Linda discusses the power of nutrition for healing, how to eat seasonally, and some useful home remedies using foods, herbs and spices you probably already have in your kitchen, is included at your first follow-up appointment.  Linda can provide further resources on a case-by-case basis.

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