Wellness Assessments

Your Initial Appointment - It's All About You!


Getting To The Nitty-Gritty:


Naturopathic healthcare focuses on finding and addressing the underlying causes of illness.    What kinds of things might be stopping you from feeling at your best?   Why are you feeling the way you are feeling, and what will it take for you to feel better?


Finding the answers to these questions (and more) is what your Initial Wellness Assessment is all about.  

 The Naturopathic Difference:


Linda takes the time to find out as much information as possible about your health at your first appointment, in order to help establish the root cause of your unique health challenges.  Your Initial appointment will cover topics such as the symptoms you have been experiencing, your stress levels, sleep quality, gut health, the kinds of foods you eat, and any medications/supplements you are taking.   Depending on which appointment type you have chosen, one or more screening tests may be performed in order to provide further insight into where any underlying imbalances lie.   

   In-Clinic Screening Tests:


  • Live Blood Analysis.  A drop of your blood is examined under a microscope, and you can see your red blood cells and immune cells on the TV screen.  By looking at the size, shape and ratio of your cells, Linda may be able to find vital clues regarding nutrient status, inflammation, liver stress and more.


  • Body Composition/Cellular Health Analysis.  Using a specialised machine, Linda assesses your muscle mass, fat mass, hydration, and several other aspects of your overall bodily health.   The test also provides you with a guide to your unique nutritional macros for health, and ideal fluid intake. 


  • Urinary pH & Chemistry.  With a urine sample, Linda can check acidity/alkalinity, and checks for other markers such as signs of infection, and whether you are burning fat for energy.


  • Zinc Tally Test.   A simple taste test to determine the level of zinc in your body.  Zinc is a crucial mineral involved in many body processes - including the immune system, gut health, mental wellbeing and more.


  • Blood Pressure.  It is a good idea to have your blood pressure regularly checked, and this reading can provide information regarding your cardiovascular health.


  • Blood Glucose.  This is a random sample, to ascertain the levels of glucose (sugar) in your blood at the time of your appointment - which can vary according to when and what you last ate.


  • Iridology Linda takes a photo of each of your eyes, and uses a combination of traditional and modern iris analysis techniques to provide you with a unique overview.



Screening tests help make sure no stone is left unturned, and are designed to save you time and money in the long run, by taking all aspects of your health into account.  After all, true health goes far beyond simply suppressing symptoms, or taking 'a pill for an ill', and you want to get to the real cause of the problem once and for all.   Linda makes it a priority to help you better understand the what, why and how of your body -what is most likely to have caused your health issues in the first place, why you are experiencing your troubling symptoms, and how you can get back to functioning at your best with the most targeted natural support.  This ensures that you receive a completely individualised approach to your health that is centred around your unique needs, and designed to help you feel better, sooner.  


Take The First Step Towards Reclaiming Your Health Today:


Linda conducts Initial Wellness Assessments face-to-face (these include in-clinic screening tests) as well as online.  For prices and further information on which screening tests are included in each type of appointment, please visit the Book An Appointment page. 

Wanting To Dig A Little Deeper?

Sometimes, further testing may be recommended, in order to work out where an underlying imbalance is originating.   Linda has access to extensive functional laboratory testing that can be used to investigate areas that may not have been considered by your usual healthcare practitioner - such as your nutrient levels, how effectively your body is responding to your hormones, or whether a genetic issue may be playing a role in your health.  


Available tests include:

  • Extensive Thyroid Assessments (including TSH, T4, T3, Reverse T3 & Thyroid Antibodies)
  • Vitamin/Mineral Levels (eg Vitamin D, Iron).  Zinc & Copper ratios (Pyroluria/Pyrroles)
  • Hormonal Assessments - Female Hormones, Male Hormones, Adrenal/Stress Hormones
  • Food Intolerance - Tests for 96 Foods
  • Gluten Sensitivity
  • Cardiovascular Markers - Cholesterol, Triglycerides
  • Mould Sensitivities
  • Gut Health Assessments - Parasites, Yeasts, Gut Bacteria, 'Leaky Gut/Intestinal Permeability, Liver Detoxification
  • Hair Mineral Analysis - Heavy Metals
  • MTHFR Polymorphis
  • ...plus many more.



Finding the right test can be confusing, and you don't want to order tests that you don't need, or that are difficult to understand.  Linda can recommend the most appropriate tests for your situation, as well as explain why and how a certain test may be of benefit.  Tests are done on a case-by-case basis, and are entirely optional.  


Please note that these tests are not intended for the purpose of diagnosing illness or disease, but for monitoring of symptoms as well as dietary and lifestyle changes.