Success Stories

“I was always one of those sceptical people who had never visited a naturopath or herbalist before, but being highly recommended by a friend, I decided to see what benefits I would encounter. I have suffered with psoriasis for nearly 30 years and recently, low energy levels, anxiety and impaired organ function. 

When I visited Linda I found she has a genuine want to help improve my health and advise that I could apply in my day to day life in achieving positive results. Her knowledge of products and approach to implementing these is vast.

Used in conjunction with your general practitioner, only positive results will ensue, so if you’re like me and a bit hesitant about if it would be the right move, I can only suggest you don’t hesitate . . . make the proactive move to getting Linda’s professional help to improving your health and wellbeing”

Monica, Toowoomba


"Thank you Linda!  All done with the Detox Challenge, I feel great and I lost nearly 2kg, so a win all around. I will be using some of those recipes in our "normal" eating, especially the coconut date balls which are a huge hit in our household.  🙂 

Melissa, Brisbane


"Linda has respectfully and scientifically helped me with nutritional and herbal supplementation in addition to simple dietary adjustments.  Screening tests each visit takes out the guess work and gives a clear picture to work from.

My energy levels are increasing, brain fog clearing and pain levels reducing.  I value the support with my goal to eventually no longer require strong pain medication.

The help I get is tailored specifically to my needs. I feel my naturopath works with and alongside me for the best possible outcome."

Vivienne, Toowoomba