Stress & Moods

It’s no fun to feel overwhelmed, anxious, worn out, burnt out or moody because stress is ruling your life. Thankfully, natural medicines are both safe and effective for helping you feel calmer and less stressed in your day-to-day life.

Linda checks for signs of underlying imbalances that may be contributing to your stress levels, such as nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, neurotransmitter production, blood sugar fluctuations, and environmental factors.  In addition, the types of foods you are eating and your lifestyle habits may be influencing how you feel within yourself.  This allows Linda to prepare a targeted and completely individualized naturopathic treatment to help you feel in control of your moods once more, instead of the other way around.


Linda regularly works with the following:

- Low moods, anxiety and depression

- Stress and overwhelm

- Pre-menstrual mood swings/PMS

- Sleep difficulties

stress depression anxiety moods