Men’s Health

What Kinds of Men's Health Issues Do I Help With?

- Stress, low moods & fatigue

- Muscular & joint pains

- Sleep difficulties

- Losing the ‘beer belly’

- High blood pressure

- Maintaining healthy cholesterol levels

- Sexual difficulties - low libido, 'male menopause' or erectile dysfunction

- 'Waterworks' problems - urinary difficulties, enlarged prostate etc

- Gut upsets

What Does Naturopathic Treatment Involve?

Keeping healthy shouldn't mean you have to eat 'rabbit food' for the rest of your life, or miss out on beers with your mates.  And you can rest assured there will definitely be no 'woo', incense burning or chanting involved!  I hold a university degree in health science and use evidence-based products in the clinic.

My approach is to use common-sense, realistic and proven support for your health condition.  Your plan may include:

- Finding some healthier (but still tasty and filling) food options for your day - whether you are working on the job or are on the road.

- Monitoring your progress with in-clinic or pathology testing where required - so you can actually see the difference you are making with your health as well as keep the other half happy!

- High-strength nutritional or herbal medicines that have been scientifically and clinically researched