Fertility & Pregnancy

Oh Baby!

Starting a family, or expanding your family, is an exciting time.

Whether you are thinking about trying for a baby, are wanting to enhance your chances of falling pregnant, or you are already expecting, natural support is available at the clinic.

Natural Care Means You Are In Safe Hands

Linda offers a range of fertility and pregnancy services, including

- Preconception care - getting as healthy as possible before the main event is the best way to prepare your body for growing a new life.

- Lifestyle tips and ideas for both partners - remember, it takes two people to make a baby!

- Enhanced, targeted nutrition and access to Practitioner-strength supplements that are gentler on the body and more easily absorbed than many of the well-known brands

- Evidence-based strategies for reducing the risk of eczema and allergies in the infant

- Supporting optimal growth and development of your baby

- Relief from common ailments of pregnancy - constipation, nausea, indigestion, leg cramps

- Preparation for birth and supporting a quick recovery

- Breastfeeding and baby health

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