Tired, Tired, Tired!

If you’ve got a lot on your plate (and chances are, you do!), then you need all the energy you can get.  But it is very difficult to try to pull yourself out of a low energy state when you feel depleted at your very core, and every day is a struggle.

Fatigue is one of the most common issues that I see in clinic, and it is not uncommon for conventional investigations to have been performed, but no answer for the exhaustion has been found.   Symptoms of fatigue can include:

  • feeling exhausted, even though you have had enough sleep
  • continually feeling as though you have a 'flat battery'
  • getting 'wired and tired' - you feel sluggish all day then have an energy surge at night just when you want to try to get to sleep
  • taking a long time to get your energy back after a cold or flu

What Is Causing Your Fatigue?

When it comes to fatigue, pinpointing the underlying cause is crucial.  A naturopathic approach takes into account all potential drivers of fatigue states, including:

  • the impact of stressful events, which can often precede a period of extreme fatigue
  • your unique nutritional intake, exercise habits and body composition
  • nutrient deficiencies (such as iron deficiency)
  • thyroid issues that may be resulting in sluggish energy production
  • metabolic health (such as blood sugar imbalances), and whether this is impacting your body's ability to access energy
  • circulation - how well your body is able to transport oxygen around your body
  • your sleep patterns and how well your body is able to refresh and repair each night
  • your toxin exposure and detoxification capacity - whether your toxin load could be contributing
  • the ability of your cells to produce energy within the mitochondria (energy powerhouses)

What Does Naturopathic Treatment of Fatigue Involve?

Once the most likely cause of your fatigue has been established, I can put together a naturopathic care plan to help address the contributing factors. For most people, a significant improvement in energy is noted within the first few weeks of treatment. Your plan may include:

  • Assessment with various in-clinic screening tests, to both investigate the cause of your fatigue and monitor your improvement
  • Targeted herbal medicines and nutritional support for energy production
  • Looking at the quality of the foods that you eat, and tweaking a few of these to help unlock energy in your day
  • Stress management and getting 'time out' for yourself