Allergies & Sensitivities

Allergies and sensitivities, whether they be reactions to a food, dust, pollen or even medications are becoming increasingly common.

Unfortunately there is no medical cure for sensitivities, and treatment is limited to controlling symptoms.  When it comes to food sensitivities (also known as food intolerance), pinpointing the culprit foods can be difficult, as the reactions can be delayed.

A naturopathic approach to managing allergies and sensitivities, including food intolerance, focuses on not just reducing symptoms with safe and effective herbal and/or nutritional support, but also reducing the body's inflammatory response and addressing the underlying cause.

Natural options are available for the following allergies and sensitivities:

- Food intolerance - unexplained/delayed rood reactions.

- Histamine reactions (also known as histamine intolerance)

- FODMAPs (for Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

- Asthma

- Eczema/atopic dermatitis

- Hay fever & sinusitis

- Mould sensitivities