Naturopathy, Nutrition & Herbal Medicine


Naturopathy is a holistic healing modality that has stood the test of time.   The focus is always on the unique individuality of each person, and finding and addressing the underlying cause of illness.   It is a gentle approach, based around good-quality nourishing food, supporting optimal digestive function, following a healthy lifestyle, correcting nutritional deficiencies, and using the healing power of nature in the form of herbal medicine.


Naturopathy draws on both traditional wisdom and a modern, evidence-based approach.   Many herbs and nutritional strategies that have been used by naturopaths and healers for centuries are now being validated by scientific research.  Naturopathy can be safely used in adults, children, animals as well as alongside most pharmaceutical treatments, when prescribed by a qualified practitioner.  The goal is always to encourage the body to achieve true healing and optimal vitality.


Linda regularly works with clients who are seeking help for the following:

Good health is not just the absence of illness.

It is experiencing a life full of optimum vitality,

energy and well-being, and reducing the burden

of chronic disease.