Metabolic Balance Success Stories Part 2

When Helan first came to see us, she was wanting to address her weight, but most importantly she wanted her quality of life back. She was suffering from aches & pains that left her feeling 'like I've run a marathon', and these were significantly impacting her ability to enjoy life to the full.

What a difference Helan has made to her health! Last time Linda spoke to Helan she said that not only had she released close to 20kg, her aches & pains had reduced and her stamina had increased so much that now she was able to enjoy getting out into her garden a lot more than she used to. In fact, even just 8 weeks into her program she made the comment that she had been able to spend a whole 3 hours in her garden and her words were 'I wouldn't have been able to do that 8 weeks ago!'

As a busy mum, and working full-time, Helen needed an approach that helped her find the foods that suited her body - yet was easy to follow and fitted in with her lifestyle.

Helen also wanted to improve her gut health, as she was suffering from reflux that was impacting her quality of life.  She'd tried other diets and plans (including gluten-free) that had helped a little, but was wanting to go that bit further and make some real changes.

Helen was also not sleeping well prior to her program, and suffering from hot flushes that were really doing her head in!  

Starting Metabolic Balance provided a great opportunity for Helen to try some new foods that she didn't usually eat, and she was a lot more conscious of creating healthier habits.

When Shelley first came to see me a few short months ago, she was wanting to find a solution that would help her not only lose weight - but a plan that would help her keep it off as well.

She'd tried a few strategies, but found them to be unsustainable. Shelley's career also keeps her very busy and demands long hours, so she was wanting something that would fit in with her work and not be too difficult or time-consuming to implement. Her energy levels were also at an all-time low.

Fast-forward just under 3 months and Shelley's knocking it out of the park! Not only has she released almost 11kg, she's feeling good, and her newfound energy is helping to make sure she can keep up with her busy life.

When I first started working with Jasmine* in March she had some fairly major stuff going on with her digestive health, so we decided we establish a good foundation before moving into her Metabolic Balance personalised nutrition program.

Since commencing her program in June, Jasmine has been so very happy with her results - not only has she found that her reflux has virtually disappeared (she told me she's enjoying 'only sleeping with one pillow instead of three!'), she's going full steam ahead towards a weight she knows she'll feel happy and comfortable with.

(*name changed for privacy)

When Veronica* came to see me, she told me she wanted a complete health overhaul.  And boy, did she knock it out of the park!

Despite that fact that Veronica lived on a property in a rural area, she didn't let it stop her working towards her goals.  In fact, her 'can do' attitude was formidable...and it certainly paid off.

By the end of the first month on her plan, she described her chronic joint pain as being '90% gone', and her tendency to gut upsets (even with foods she had tolerated for most of her life) had almost completely disappeared.  She was sleeping a lot better as well, which made her very happy.

(*name changed for privacy)


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