Metabolic Balance® Success Stories Part 1 2


While she was hoping to crack the 10kg mark, Leesa has come very close and probably has gotten there since we performed her final weigh-in!
She’s been able to successfully navigate through the Christmas/New Year period as well as birthdays and family get-togethers without derailing her progress.
She’s found some great clarity around which foods are inflammatory to her body, and which ones are ideal for her, and describes the program as an easy lifestyle change – simply replacing previously less-than-ideal eating habits with better ones. Going forward, she’s confident of being able to manage her health and weight in the long-term.



Congratulations to Sam, who has just completed her 3-month program! Here’s what she had to say…

‘When I started on the MB program it wasn’t so much for weight loss but to try and ease the daily pain I had. Sure dropping a few kgs would be awesome but didn’t expect much as probably the same as everyone else I had been on a dozen different weight loss journeys.

12 weeks later I am now finished MB and couldn’t be happier. Final weigh in yesterday and so so glad I took the first step to see Linda.

The pain I was experiencing is almost non existent, weekly headaches are very far and few between and yes I lost some weight.

Yep you will have bad days and feel like throwing it all in but hang in there it is so worth it. Thanks so much Linda xo’



Congratulations to Mary, who completed her 3-month program recently. Here’s what she had to say…

‘Reached my goal a couple of weeks before Christmas. My doctor was amazed at cholesterol results as after struggling with high cholesterol for many years it has returned to normal in three months of doing MB. Two weeks of parties including two special birthdays and have not put on any weight but have been doing many hours of gardening that might have helped. Back on the band wagon tomorrow as I want to feel energetic and clear headed again. MB is going to definitely be my way of life now- well 80% of the time anyway. Also have a good selection of new simple delicious recipes.

Everything I worked on with you last year has had lasting effects which shows that nothing is a quick fix and thank you for all your patience and understanding.’



A hearty congratulations to Ann-Marie, who completed her program recently.

She’s achieved some wonderful results – and she even managed to lose another 2.4kg of fat over the Christmas/New Year break, despite indulging in a few treats! She told me she feels like her metabolism and body ‘just copes a lot better’ when she eats foods that previously used to cause her to gain weight. This is because MB is not a diet – it’s all about helping the body overcome metabolic issues that keep it in fat-storage mode. Just like flicking a switch!

She has found the plan easy to stick to, and enjoys the fact that because she has hit that reset button, she doesn’t find that she is thinking about food all the time like she used to when trying restrictive diets.



When Polly first came to me, she was extremely frustrated at the difficulty she had shifting her weight. She’d tried everything – including online programs, different diets and working out with a personal trainer. Unfortunately, nothing had seen her achieve the results she was looking for.

She was also suffering from niggly gut upsets, her sleep wasn’t great and she woke up feeling tired before the day had even begun. She has a career when she is on her feet for extended periods of time, and she regularly suffered from pain in her elbows & hips.

Fast-forward 5 weeks on her Metabolic Balance personalised nutrition plan and Polly was a different person! Her health improved out of sight and she easily released weight without any issues at all. The majority of her weight loss has been fat, which we have kept regular checks on with body composition assessments.



Pene is loving her Metabolic Balance program!

In just 8 short weeks (including Christmas) she has made so many changes to her life and is feeling fantastic!

She says her energy is great, the cravings that used to derail her previously have disappeared, her indigestion is gone and she is sleeping soundly every night.



A huge congratulations to Denyse, who has been making steady progress with her Metabolic Balance personalised nutrition plan!

Not only has Denyse managed to release over 11kg, as well as 13cm from her waist and 11cm from her hips, she’s made significant improvements to her cardiovascular health as well – all since the start of the year!

When I first saw Denyse, her blood pressure was very high, and I was quite worried. But her BP has been steadily dropping as she progressed through her program, and at her most recent check it was completely normal!

  • Leanne Biffin says:

    Hi Linda. Just wondering what the metabolic balance program is and how it works What do I /we need to do . all so the cost of it please. Regards. Leanne Biffin