Meal Planning Now Available!

When it comes to nutrition, most of us know we need to eat better in order to feel better.  It’s always the first thing I take into consideration (along with gut health!) when I’m working with a new patient.


But where to begin?

Nutrition is now more confusing than ever – we are armed with so much information that it can actually trigger ‘analysis paralysis’ (where you have so many options that you choose none of them!).  How do you work out which ‘diet’ suits you best?  Have you found that a certain eating style worked well for your friend/sister/hairdresser (or even your friend’s sister’s hairdresser), but you found it restrictive and boring, and it didn’t make you feel any better anyway?  Does the thought of improving your diet can seem like an overwhelming task – particularly if you are already feeling stressed, tired or run down – it’s just one more thing you have to do?  It also can be difficult to know what to eat if you suffer from food allergies or intolerances, are pregnant or breastfeeding, are pressed for time and need meals in a hurry, or are cooking for a family.


This is why I am excited to announce that I have introduced a new and exciting way to make healthy eating not only possible, but enjoyable!


Getting back to basics.

It’s no secret that home-prepared meals are healthier (and usually cheaper!) than those you buy outside the home.  Getting real food back into your week is one of the quickest ways you can start to feel better, and take ownership of your own wellbeing (there’s a reason my slogan finishes up with ‘reclaim your health’ – empowering people to create a better present and future self is the crux of why I do what I do).  Somewhere along the way we have made nutrition far more complex than it needs to be – meal plans show you how simple (and quick) creating real food meals can be.


The benefits of having a personalised plan:

I’m a qualified nutritionist as well as a naturopath, and as such I can create custom meal plans to suit you.  A personalised plan helps take the difficulty out of working out what to cook, what to buy, and how to prepare meals and snacks.  Meal plans also provide you with extra ideas that you can use to spark your own creativity with your food!  A meal plan is not simply a list of foods to eat, or foods to avoid, nor is it a bunch of random recipes.  Instead, having a structured plan can bridge the gap between where your health is right now, and how you want to look and feel.  It takes the best nutritional advice and lays it out in an easy-to-understand framework.


Not your ordinary run-of-the-mill diet.

Yes, you can certainly obtain meal plans from other sources, such as online, or from a personal trainer.  However, quite often these are not created by those with specific qualifications in nutrition, and they are usually based solely around the  calorie content or macros (percentages of protein, fats, carbohydrates etc).  There is so much more to healthy eating than this!   When I create a meal plan, it's all about the quality of the food - not just what the calories or macros add up to.  I take into account the goals you are trying to achieve, and how you can get as much 'bang for your buck' health-wise as possible, as well as addressing particular needs that you might have, such as improving gut or immune health.


It’s not about being perfect all the time…

One common myth about meal plans is that you have to stick to them 100%, 24/7 - this is simply not true!  A meal plan is there as a guide, to help you create the healthier habits that you know you want to implement, but perhaps haven’t been given the right direction.  Healthy eating is not about sticking to a rigid format, but instead embracing the possibilities of delicious food that helps you feel great, while allowing for the treats and special occasions that are also just as important for our wellbeing.



Meal planning is available as a stand-alone service (if you just would like some new recipe ideas and inspiration), or as an additional feature along with your naturopathic treatment, to help you get even better results, sooner.  To find out more, or book your session on the Book An Appointment page.

Want to see what a sample plan looks like?

Check out my FREE 7-Day Real Food, Real Quick plan here

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