The Member's Area is a special bonus you receive when you work with Linda 1-on-1.

The Area an innovative concept - it is an idea that Linda came up with in order to help her clients achieve their best possible health, in the comfort of their own home.  In the Area you can find:

  1. The 'Reclaim Your Health' series of videos.  These cut through the confusion around healthy eating, and help you to understand how you can use everyday foods to improve your wellbeing.  
  2. The 'Happy Gut, Happy Life' series of videos, which explain just how your digestive health is affecting the rest of your body, and what kinds of things you can do at home to improve the health of your gut.
  3. Free E-books - one all about stress, and another for a natural pregnancy
  4. Delicious recipe suggestions - all guilt-free!
  5. Some simple guidelines for safe and steady weight loss
  6. Information sheets on a range of topics - including boosting immunity, sleep difficulties and boosting immunity.

The Member's Area is valued at over $405.00.