About Melissa - In Her Own Words

'You may have read a little about me as Linda has been graciously introducing me as her new Nutritionist based online. 

Being online is the best of both worlds as you don’t have to travel to see me, you can sit in your pyjama bottoms and slippers and I wouldn’t even know….all the whilst receiving professional health and wellness information like you would in a clinic environment.

Why I Love Nutrition!

I am passionate about health, fitness and nutrition and hope to inspire, educate and empower you to take control of your health and wellness by making informed choices that nourish and nurture your body, mind and soul.

As a Nutritionist, I will ask you many questions regarding your health, lifestyle, food intake and current medications along with some more in depth questions to really understand what is going on as I explore the underlying causes of imbalance within the body from a holistic perspective. We can then assess whether testing is required and support nutrient deficiencies by way of practitioner only supplements.

Along with health consultations, I am passionate about helping people on a weight loss journey or starting out on their weight loss journey. I have been working for Weight Watchers for 2.5 years as a wellness coach facilitating and educating on mindset, food, movement and sleep which I absolutely enjoy as I not only get to educate my knowledge around food as medicine, I have such empathy to anyone that is struggling with weight as I too was overweight.

This is where I am so excited to be trained as a Metabolic Balance practitioner and to be able to give you the opportunity to turn your health around by following this incredible and unique program exclusively to you. Not one program is the same.

I have been doing the Metabolic Balance program for over a month and although I did not have much weight to lose, I now feel lighter, have more energy, my clothes feel looser, my fingernails are the strongest I have ever felt them, my skin clearer and my taste buds are so much more heightened. I am telling you, the taste of food is on another level. Everything is much more flavoursome even though I am using less flavourings, fruit is sweeter and I look forward to each and every meal.

Want to know more? I’d love to work with you.  Please email me at melissa@zestnaturaltherapies.com.au if you’d like to get in touch.

Health and happiness,


Melissa before and after Metabolic Balance


metabolic balance, weight loss, womens health

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