In-Clinic Screening

Screening tests are available with in-clinic appointments


  • Live Blood Analysis.  A drop of your blood is examined under a microscope, and you can see your red blood cells and immune cells on the TV screen.  By looking at the size, shape and ratio of your cells, Linda may be able to find vital clues regarding nutrient status, inflammation, liver stress and more.
  • Body Composition/Cellular Health Analysis.  Using a specialised machine, Linda assesses your muscle mass, fat mass, hydration, and several other aspects of your overall bodily health.   The test also provides you with a guide to your unique nutritional macros for health, and ideal fluid intake.
  • Urinary pH & Chemistry.  With a urine sample, Linda can check acidity/alkalinity, and checks for other markers such as signs of infection, and whether you are burning fat for energy.
  • Zinc Tally Test.   A simple taste test to determine the level of zinc in your body.  Zinc is a crucial mineral involved in many body processes - including the immune system, gut health, mental wellbeing and more.
  • Blood Pressure.  It is a good idea to have your blood pressure regularly checked, and this reading can provide information regarding your cardiovascular health.
  • Blood Glucose.  This is a random sample, to ascertain the levels of glucose (sugar) in your blood at the time of your appointment - which can vary according to when and what you last ate.
  • Iridology Linda takes a photo of each of your eyes, and uses a combination of traditional and modern iris analysis techniques to provide you with a unique overview.