In-Clinic Screening

Screening tests are available with in-clinic appointments


  • Blood Microscopy.  Using a drop of your blood that we look at under a microscope, we can view the appearance of your red blood cells and immune cells.
  • Metascan™ Body Composition/Cellular Health Analysis.  I use a scientifically validated machine called Quadscan, to check your muscle mass, fat mass, hydration, and cellular health.   The test also provides you with your calorie needs for health and weight management.
  • Urinary pH & Chemistry.  With a urine sample, I can check acidity/alkalinity, and checks for other markers such as signs of infection, and whether you are burning fat for energy.
  • Zinc Tally Test.   This is a simple taste test to gauge the level of zinc in your body.  Zinc is a crucial mineral involved in many body processes - including the immune system, gut health and more.
  • Blood Pressure.  It is a good idea to have your blood pressure regularly checked, and this reading can provide information regarding your cardiovascular health.
  • Blood Glucose.  This is a random sample, to ascertain the levels of glucose (sugar) in your blood at the time of your appointment - which can vary according to when and what you last ate.
  • Iridology One of the most popular of the traditional naturopathic techniques, and one that is popular among patients!  Linda has a special camera with which to capture a close-up picture of each of your eyes to examine colour and markings.
  • Omega 3 Index Test This test involves a simple pinprick to check your levels of healthy and unhealthy fats that you have in your blood cells.  Your sample is sent to a specialist laboratory and I can help you understand how your levels may be impacting your health.

Interested to see what your tests may reveal?

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