6-Week Weight Loss Program

6-Week Weight Loss Program


Most weight-loss programs are based on calories, which is why they fail in the long term.  The majority of people who follow restrictive diets regain the weight (and then some) within a short period of time, leading to a frustrating cycle of yo-yo dieting.


The 6-Week Weight Loss Program is different - instead of obsessive calorie-counting, the plan works by using smart food choices to address the underlying hormonal imbalance that causes weight gain in the first place - making it easier to lose weight and keep it off long-term.  When your hormones are balanced you don't feel hungry or deprived, and your energy levels naturally improve.  This is also an excellent Program for targeting abdominal fat, which can be difficult to shift.


The Program is easy to follow, utilizes healthy, tasty food and family-friendly recipes.  There is no need for excessive exercise during this Program, however some regular activity is encouraged for its health benefits, at a pace that suits you.  You also have the advantage of working with a qualified Practitioner - which means you are getting only the best advice, as well as motivation, tips and support to help you reach your goal quickly and easily.


Your Program Includes:


  • Your Initial appointment, including weight, waist circumference, BMI and body composition assessment as a baseline from which to monitor your improvement.  Linda will also check to see if there may be any other health issues that might be contributing to your weight gain.
  • Regular appointments to monitor your progress and help keep you on track and motivated
  • A recipe book full of tasty recipes, meal and snack ideas
  • A health journal, so you can track your food, activity and progress
  • Meal plans for the 6 weeks - if you like you can simply follow these.  Or you can do the Program 'free-style' where you choose your own meals - it's up to you!
  • Tailored nutritional advice at the end of your Program to provide you with extra tips and ideas to help you keep the weight off and maintain your great results.


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