28 Day Detox

28-Day Detox Program


The 28-Day Detox Program is designed to help you renew your health and vitality.  Whilst detoxification is a natural metabolic process, our ability to process and eliminate these toxins can be inhibited by various lifestyle choices and environmental exposures.


The Program focuses on 4 key areas:


  • Reducing dietary toxins
  • Improving detoxification capacity - the ability of the body to shift toxins from the tissues and into the elimination channels (skin, kidneys and digestive tract)
  • Neutralizing free radicals (providing antioxidant protection for cells)
  • Supporting healthy elimination channels via Phase II liver detoxification, bile, gut and kidney pathways


Your Program Includes:


  • Your Initial appointment, to establish a baseline from which to monitor your improvement over the 28 days.
  • Regular appointments, to monitor your progress
  • Scientifically and clinically researched practitioner-strength supplements
  • A recipe e-book full of tasty recipes, meal and snack ideas
  • 'Your Guide To Detox' booklet, full of information, ideas, and tips



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