Health Programs

Linda has a range of professional. easy-to-follow Health Programs available to help you fast-track your goals, naturally.

Express Programs:


All Programs are based on the latest scientifically and clinically validated research, so you can be confident you are getting your health on track, the right way.


Choose from:



  • 28-Day Detox Program - Kick-start your health with a simple 'Spring clean', by supporting the body's own natural detoxification pathways.


  • 6-Week 'Gut Happy' Program - Improve your gut health and digestion.  Reduce bloating, constipation and irritable bowel, and re-set your gut bacterial balance ('microbiome') for ongoing well-being.


You can jump straight in to any of these Programs!  It is not necessary to book an Initial Wellness Assessment first, simply book your 15-minute Free Information Session to discuss whether your chosen Program is the best match for you.

Restorative Programs:


If you have more than one health issue, or you've been dealing with your challenges for some time, a Restorative Program may be the best choice for you.


These Programs are designed to follow an Initial Wellness Assessment, so that both yourself and Linda have gained a thorough understanding of the underlying cause(s) of your health issues.   These Programs are usually 12-16 weeks in length, and the focus is on providing a structured approach to your naturopathic healthcare, whilst saving you time and money.


Available Programs include:


  • Energy Booster Program - 12 Weeks.  Supporting the body's natural energy production systems, whilst using energy-lifting lifestyle and nutritional strategies.   This Program is best for those who are feeling tired without knowing why, those who are experiencing burnout/adrenal fatigue, exhausted mums and those with thyroid problems.


  • Stress Less Program - 12 Weeks.  This Program is designed to help you manage stress levels better, by introducing appropriate herbs, nutritional support and lifestyle strategies.  Good for those who deal with chronic stress, or who experience stress-related sleep difficulties, nervous tension, anxiety and/or low moods.


  • Optimal Health & Vitality Program - 12 Weeks.  The Optimal Health and Vitality Program focuses on re-building health holistically - with all aspects of the body, mind and spirit taken into account.  It is designed for those with multiple health issues, and/or those who are wanting comprehensive naturopathic support for chronic health problems.


  • Healthy Kids Program - 12 Weeks.  Keeping kids where they should be - happy and healthy.  This Program is designed to help reduce sick days, keep behaviour on track and support optimal growth and development.


  • Happy Hormones Program - 16 Weeks.  Focusing on supporting healthy hormone production and balance.  Great for ladies who are experiencing painful periods, PMS, endometriosis, PCOS, menopausal symptoms, or who are planning a pregnancy.


  • Soothe & Settle Program - 6 or 12 Weeks.  Designed specifically for allergies, intolerances and sensitivities, this Program focuses on addressing the underlying causes of immune system over-reaction - such as gut health, histamine, dietary/environmental allergens, inflammation and nutrient deficiencies.


Health fund rebates are available.