Health Programs

Online Programs:

Linda's Online Programs are a great way to access naturopathic care from the comfort and convenience of your own home!  Online Programs include everything you need to succeed - including guidance, resources, meal plans, recipes and support.

There is no need to book an initial appointment before registering for an online Program - you can start whenever suits you.

The Sparkle Program

The Sparkle Program is Linda's easy-to-follow 28-day health reset - designed to help you kick-start your health by getting back to basics with real food.

But be warned!  By participating in the Sparkle Program you may notice - more energy, better sleep, a happier gut with less rumbling, gas and discomfort, an end to 'brain fog' and that 3pm slump....and looser clothing!

To find out more about The Sparkle Program, click here.


Hormones In Harmony Program (for PMS & Period Pain)

Launching early 2020!

Want to be advised of the Program release, as well as the introductory special offer?  Register your interest by emailing Linda here.

Health Restoration Programs (available in-clinic and online)

Linda's Health Restoration Programs are designed for people who are serious about reclaiming their health - and who want a structured approach and the best in personalized care.

You need to attend an Initial Wellness Assessment before accessing a Program.  This ensures Linda is able to individualize your Program to suit your particular needs.  Visit the Book An Appointment page to secure your spot today!


Get Healthy, Stay Well Program - 12 Weeks.  The Get Healthy, Stay Well Program is Linda's signature program, and the focus is on re-building health holistically - with all aspects of the body, mind and spirit taken into account.

It is designed for those with multiple health issues, and/or those who are wanting to live their healthiest, happiest life.


Happy Hormones Program - 16 Weeks.  Focusing on supporting healthy hormone production and balance.

Great for ladies who are experiencing painful periods, Pre-menstrual Syndrome (PMS), endometriosis, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), menopausal symptoms, or who are preparing for pregnancy.


Energy Booster Program - 12 Weeks.  Supporting the body's natural energy production systems, whilst using energy-lifting lifestyle and nutritional strategies.

This Program is best suited to people who are feeling tired without knowing why, those who are experiencing burnout/adrenal fatigue, exhausted parents and those with poor thyroid function.


Stress Less Program - 12 Weeks.  This Program is designed to help you manage stress levels better, by introducing appropriate herbs, nutritional support and lifestyle strategies.

Good for those who deal with chronic stress, or who experience stress-related sleep difficulties, nervous tension, anxiety and/or low moods.


Soothe & Settle Program - 6 or 12 Weeks.  Designed specifically for allergies, intolerances and sensitivities, this Program focuses on addressing the underlying causes of immune system over-reaction - such as gut health, histamine, dietary/environmental allergens, inflammation and nutrient deficiencies.