I’ve never been to a naturopath before – what should I expect?

Linda’s goal is to have you feel as comfortable with the process as possible.  The first step is to attend an Initial Wellness Assessment where Linda will discuss your health with you, determine the areas of your health that need to be addressed as a matter of priority, and then she will recommend an individualized support plan.  If you are not sure about whether Linda may be able to help you, you are welcome to book a no-obligation Free 15-Minute Discovery Session, to discuss what naturopathy may have to offer.  Visit the Book An Appointment page to reserve your spot.

How often will I need to attend appointments?

For most cases, Linda will recommend a follow-up appointment 1-2 weeks after your Initial Wellness Assessment, in order to check on your progress and discuss whether further visits are recommended.   Appointments may be advised more frequently at the beginning of your health journey.  Many clients opt to return for regular ‘re-checks’ 3 or 4 times per year, in order to maintain and optimise their health.

I’m located quite a way from the clinic. What options are available for me?

Linda regularly works with patients who don’t live in Toowoomba, and distance need be no barrier to seeking naturopathic care.    Linda is more than happy to work with you via online communication, to ensure that you can work towards your health goals as effectively as possible.  Any herbal preparations and supplements you might require can easily be couriered or express posted to your home or work.

How much do appointments cost?

Fees, along with an outline of what is included in different appointment options, can be found on the Book An Appointment page of this website.

How long will it take for me to feel better?

As each person is different, improvement times can vary, and depend on things such as the number of health issues you are experiencing, and how long you have been feeling unwell for.  Also, how motivated you are to make any recommended improvements to your diet and lifestyle habits will influence how soon you see results.  Naturopathy is all about rebuilding a healthy foundation, and as such, you will need to allow some time for healing to occur.  Linda is always focused on helping you make positive changes, and the overwhelming majority of clients report a noticeable improvement in their symptoms – some within a few days or weeks.

What does a Health Program involve?

A Health Program is simply a clear plan that covers your naturopathic support for a set period of time, with the focus of helping you feel better, sooner, as well as being budget-friendly. Programs are optional, and are also designed to be flexible around your needs.

At the end of your Program, Linda will discuss with you how you feel compared to before you began your Program, and whether you are ready to move to a health maintenance focus.

I’m already taking supplements that I purchased online/from a health food store – should I continue taking these?

At your Initial Wellness Assessment Linda will ask you for details regarding any supplements you are currently taking, so she can assess them for you for strength, quality and suitability.  From there, she will let you know whether you should keep taking them, or if there may be a more targeted alternative available.

I’ve tried taking natural medicines and supplements before, and they haven’t worked. What makes seeing a naturopath any different?

Seeing a naturopath rather than self-prescribing supplements or remedies from over-the-counter or the internet has several distinct advantages.

Working with a naturopath means that you are obtaining a completely individualised approach to your health, rather than a one-size-fits-all product that may not be the best for your needs.

It is very important to try to determine the underlying cause of your health problems, and naturopaths are trained to look for what is causing your issues in the first place, rather than simply suppressing symptoms. Linda helps you take steps towards rebuilding your health from the foundation up, with a clear plan.

The strength, quality and effectiveness of supplements available for purchase can vary considerably.  Linda’s training means that she can recommend appropriate, high-potency products that match the therapeutic dosages used in scientific and clinical research.

I’m taking pharmaceutical medications – will my naturopathic remedies interfere with my medication?

Linda takes the utmost care in ensuring that your remedies are both safe and appropriate to your situation.  She uses an up-to-date copy of eMIMS (the medications database used by most doctors and pharmacists) as well as other current reference material to check for any potential interactions before recommending any herbs or nutrients.

Will I be taken off my pharmaceutical medications?

Linda will never recommend that you cease medications without speaking to your usual healthcare provider first.  However, many clients do see Linda with the goal of seeking a natural alternative to their health issues, and Linda is more than happy to assist you with this if a suitable alternative strategy exists, provided care is taken and careful monitoring occurs.

I feel that there is an area of my health that I would like to investigate further, however my doctor hasn’t agreed – can I order tests through the clinic?

Linda believes that you should always be able to pursue an aspect of your health if you feel that you have an underlying issue.  Linda has access to a wide range of functional pathology testing through private laboratories, and can discuss with you which tests may be worthwhile, as well as help you understand the results.   Please note that any functional pathology tests ordered incur an additional fee.  You will also need to be a current client at the clinic in order to access tests.

Can Linda help me with healthy eating ideas?


Linda knows that healthy eating can be overwhelming – and you can receive all the good advice on nutrition in the world, but putting into practice is what makes the real difference. That’s why you get some practical advice and real-world resources when you work with Linda, including her Food As Medicine resource (valued at $89.95 and complementary with your second appointment).

Linda can also create meal plans that are perfectly matched to your needs – whether you need to avoid a certain food, are looking to improve the quality of the foods you eat, are strapped for time and need some inspiration, or you just want to get some healthy nourishment into your kids.

Can I ask questions regarding my naturopathic treatment?

Absolutely!  Linda encourages you to ask questions or seek clarification on any issues that you need during your time at the clinic.  Linda also believes that it in this day and age it is more important than ever to access accurate information regarding health issues, and she is happy to assist you with this.

My friend is also having naturopathic treatment for a similar health issue as the one I suffer from, yet she was prescribed completely different remedies to me – how does this work?

Because Linda’s approach is to ‘treat the cause, not the symptom’, sometimes clients present with almost identical symptoms that are originating in different areas.  An example of this can be fatigue – which may be due to varying causes such as nutrient deficiencies, thyroid imbalance, low cellular energy production, stress, sleep disturbances or blood sugar imbalances, just to name a few.  This means that any herbs or supplements prescribed are matched to the cause itself.

What are Practitioner-Only products?

Practitioner-Only products are specialised, high-potency natural products that are designed for dispensing only by qualified healthcare practitioners who have studied in the field of natural medicine.  They are manufactured in Australia to strict standards, are hypoallergenic and match dosages that have shown benefit in clinical research.

It’s been a while since my last appointment – do I need to start from scratch again and come in for an Initial Wellness Assessment, or can I book a Follow-Up Appointment?

There is no need to book another Initial Wellness Assessment, as Linda will have many of your details on file, such as your health history and your previous test results and visits.  Simply choose a Follow-Up appointment to get back on track.