Exercise Helps Burn More Fat

Exercise.  No, not ‘eggs are sides’.  I wish!   🙂


There’s a long-held belief that exercise is beneficial for burning fat ONLY while you are doing it.


However, exercise not only burns glucose and fat during the event, but what happens in the 24 hours following an exercise session is just as important for weight loss or maintenance.


Exercise triggers an adaptation response in your cells, which greatly improves their ability to burn both glucose (helpful if you are treating/trying to prevent Type 2 diabetes) and fat for the rest of the 24 hours after you’ve exercised.


So, really, by getting a bit of regular exercise, not only are you getting the immediate benefits, but in reality you are helping yourself to burn fat while you go through the rest of your day, including whilst you are asleep! Bonus!

Exercise is a great add-on to diet when it comes to weight loss.

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