Vegetable & Herb Gardening

Last winter, my snow pea plants popped up raring to go, and there’s nothing like fresh snow peas straight from the garden to beat store-bought any day. My kids often help themselves to the fresh peas when they are outside – as does my dog!  🙂   Snow peas are […]

Grow Snow Peas

I think I may have been a little too heavy-handed with my seed-sprinkling efforts when I planted these – there are certainly quite a lot of lettuce, chervil and rocket plants in this little group, and I think I may even see a rogue beetroot plant in the bottom left-hand […]

Grow Green Leafies

Peppermint (Mentha x piperita)   One of the oldest herbs that has been used both as a flavouring and a remedy, Peppermint is also easy to grow at home. It has been used for centuries, but became popular in the 18th Century, mostly for treatment of digestive discomfort such as […]


If you have been following my blog, or my Facebook page for a little while, you may have noticed that I often pop up a few photos of my vegetable patch, or some home-grown goodies. As a naturopath, I am passionate about seeing people make positive changes in their life to improve […]

Your Prescription – Get Gardening!

Every couple of months I look out for a new herb to stock in my clinic in liquid (extract) form, to add to my dispensary.  And each time I decide on a new herb, I inevitably think to myself ‘why on earth has it taken me this long to get […]

Herbal Favourites – Rosemary

Growing your own herbal remedies is both easy to do and rewarding.  I keep a few ‘dual purpose’ herbs on hand in my herb garden, and I use them in both cooking and medicinally.   Making a herbal tea is simple – you just need a good-sized teapot with a […]

DIY Home Herbal Remedies

You may have noticed over the last year or two that the supermarkets and vegetable stores now occasionally stock a rather funny-looking thing that looks like it might be the offspring of a lettuce that dallied with a cabbage.  This rather wonderful vegetable is kale, and it is extremely versatile […]

Grow Your Own Kale (Brassica oleracea)

Garlic is a very easy plant to grow.  It is a great one to try if you are new to gardening, as it has big, easy-to-handle seeds (the cloves), doesn’t take up a lot of space, and is tolerant of a bit of neglect!  There is nothing like the taste […]

Growing Garlic