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** National Diabetes Week 10th-16th July 2016 **   By the year 2031, it is estimated that 3.3 million Australians will be living with diabetes*. There are 2 different types of diabetes, and most of us are familiar with the basics:   Type 1 diabetes is also known as ‘juvenile […]

National Diabetes Week July 2016

Homemade chocolate
Chocolate - everybody's favourite!   Here's a homemade version that is quick and easy.   You can add different variations to the mixture, such as chopped glace ginger, nuts, seeds or rice puffs.   Ingredients: 500g jar of cold-pressed coconut oil 1 cup raw cacao (or ordinary cocoa if you […]

Chocolate – Guilt-Free!

Here is what must be the world's easiest chocolate slice recipe - not only is there no cooking involved, the end result is a tasty slice that will fool even the most dedicated sweet tooth!  Yet there is no sugar in this recipe, the dates provide a natural sweetness.   […]

Healthy Chocolate Coconut Slice

There's nothing like a fresh homemade pesto.  This recipe uses simple ingredients, and the result is a delicious, nourishing and versatile paste that you can use in a variety of different ways.   I've used a Thermomix for this recipe, however you could easily use a good-quality food processor to […]

Macadamia & Coriander Pesto Dip

Health Star Rating
I was recently doing my weekly grocery shop in one of our local supermarkets, when something caught my eye – it was one of those end-of-the-aisle, pile-‘em-up special buys that you inevitably have to avoid inadvertently knocking over with your trolley when you go around the corner.   But that […]

A Naturopath’s View of the Health Star Rating

Is your health a priority?   This is a question I think we should all ask ourselves now and then – ‘how much of a priority is my health to me, truly?’  And answer yourself honestly.   In this day and age I do believe that we have come to […]

Is Your Health A Priority?

Last winter, my snow pea plants popped up raring to go, and there's nothing like fresh snow peas straight from the garden to beat store-bought any day. My kids often help themselves to the fresh peas when they are outside - as does my dog!  :-)   Snow peas are […]

Grow Snow Peas

If you have a child who is a fussy eater, they may be low in zinc. Low zinc levels, in turn, affect the sense of taste and smell, which can then create further problems with appetite.   Zinc is an essential mineral that is involved in the function of every […]

Is Your Child A Fussy Eater?

Who gets sick of eating salads? I admit, I struggle with it too, and while soups or steamed vegies a great way to get your daily dose of the good stuff, occasionally I feel like something a bit different. These easy vegie fritters are a simple way to bump up […]

Easy Vegetable Fritters

I think I may have been a little too heavy-handed with my seed-sprinkling efforts when I planted these - there are certainly quite a lot of lettuce, chervil and rocket plants in this little group, and I think I may even see a rogue beetroot plant in the bottom left-hand […]

Grow Green Leafies

Often, there is a perception that it is too expensive to eat healthy food.   Here are some interesting facts and figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, who performed a survey on household expenditure in 2009/10:   The average Australian household spends more on junk food than fruit and […]

Too Expensive To Eat Nutritious Food?

Think eggs are bad for your cholesterol levels? Actually, no. Eggs have been vindicated! A recent study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition compared the effects of a high intake of eggs (one group of people ate 2 eggs per day, 6 days a week) and a low-egg diet […]

Eggs & Cholesterol

Are you taking pharmaceutical medications (including over-the-counter products such as paracetamol or aspirin)?   Are you aware that many medications deplete certain nutrients your body needs? And this is if you are getting enough of them in your food/absorbing them well enough to begin with.   For instance, the oral […]

Minimising Nutrient Depletion from Medications

One of my favourite quick and easy snacks is some raw macadamias – is there anything more delicious?   Macadamia nuts are packed with protein, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants and they are a great snack to fill you up in between meals. They are also perfectly fine to […]

Macadamias Rule!

Exercise.  No, not 'eggs are sides'.  I wish!   :-)   There's a long-held belief that exercise is beneficial for burning fat ONLY while you are doing it.   However, exercise not only burns glucose and fat during the event, but what happens in the 24 hours following an exercise […]

Exercise Helps Burn More Fat

Sick of store-bought high-sugar breakfast cereals?   Have you tried putting together your own brand of muesli?  By making your own you have complete control over what actually goes in your recipe (and also, your mouth!).   Many store-bought mueslis are full of sugar – check the labels on your current […]

Muesli Recipe

Open any magazine, or pop onto social media (or sometimes, even chat with friends) and more than likely you’ll come across the latest ‘superfood’ craze.   I have a confession to make – despite the fact that I am a nutritionist, I really dislike the term ‘superfood’.   That is not […]

Superfoods? Maybe not…