Herbal Medicine

Every couple of months I look out for a new herb to stock in my clinic in liquid (extract) form, to add to my dispensary.  And each time I decide on a new herb, I inevitably think to myself ‘why on earth has it taken me this long to get […]

Herbal Favourites – Rosemary

Well, it seems that every so often natural therapies take a bit of a beating in the media.   While there will always be people who don’t have any faith in natural medicine, it is frustrating when incorrect information is being perpetrated, particularly by journalists who have not always done their […]


Growing your own herbal remedies is both easy to do and rewarding.  I keep a few ‘dual purpose’ herbs on hand in my herb garden, and I use them in both cooking and medicinally.   Making a herbal tea is simple - you just need a good-sized teapot with a […]

DIY Home Herbal Remedies

A First Aid Kit is a necessary part of any home or workplace, however if you are looking to reduce your exposure to chemicals, then consider putting together a natural kit using these suggestions.  If you are sourcing your herbal first aid kit supplies from a chemist or health food store, look […]

A Herbal First Aid Kit

National Herbal Medicine Week 16th - 22nd September 2013   Herbal Medicine was used here in Australia by the Indigenous population, as well as in Ancient Egypt, China, India, the Arab world, Europe, Britain, Greece and Rome.  Many of the plants used by these early healers are still used today […]

Herbal Medicine: 10 Facts (National Herbal Medicine Week 2013)

Garlic is a very easy plant to grow.  It is a great one to try if you are new to gardening, as it has big, easy-to-handle seeds (the cloves), doesn’t take up a lot of space, and is tolerant of a bit of neglect!  There is nothing like the taste […]

Growing Garlic