Children’s Health

It can be overwhelming trying to work out what is and isn’t healthy when it comes to feeding your kids as packaging and marketing can be very misleading.  But as parents, we want to make sure our kids are getting all the nutrition they need for their growing bodies and […]

Give Your Kids A Nutrition Boost With These Simple Swaps

Allergies – causing sneezing, wheezing and sinus trouble can really put a dampener on your day! And with around 14% of people currently experiencing recurring episodes of hayfever (a figure that is increasing each year), allergies certainly are not uncommon.   Unfortunately for those of us in the Toowoomba region, […]

Are Spring Allergies Getting You Down?

At this time of year, with the weather cooling down and the dry winds picking up, eczema and other skin irritations can really start to flare up.  Unfortunately, children are often the ones who suffer the most with this condition, and it’s certainly not nice to see little ones in […]

Eczema – It’s Not Just About The Outside

Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla)   Chamomile is a great little herb to keep on hand at home.  It has been used medicinally for thousands of years, mostly in Europe, with notations being recorded as early as 5th Century BC.   I love Chamomile not only for how effective it is clinically, but […]

DIY Home Remedies: Chamomile

Health Star Rating
I was recently doing my weekly grocery shop in one of our local supermarkets, when something caught my eye – it was one of those end-of-the-aisle, pile-‘em-up special buys that you inevitably have to avoid inadvertently knocking over with your trolley when you go around the corner.   But that […]

A Naturopath’s View of the Health Star Rating

If you have a child who is a fussy eater, they may be low in zinc. Low zinc levels, in turn, affect the sense of taste and smell, which can then create further problems with appetite.   Zinc is an essential mineral that is involved in the function of every […]

Is Your Child A Fussy Eater?

Who gets sick of eating salads? I admit, I struggle with it too, and while soups or steamed vegies a great way to get your daily dose of the good stuff, occasionally I feel like something a bit different. These easy vegie fritters are a simple way to bump up […]

Easy Vegetable Fritters

I am often asked ‘what can I feed my child for a healthy snack?’   Growing bodies need nourishment.   Here are some great healthy ideas for snacks to fill up little tummies whilst also helping them to:   Obtain the nutrients they need to grow and develop properly Have the […]

Healthy Snacking for Kids

Egg 2
Pre-packaged cereals are the standard breakfast for most people, however they really are not the best choice for a nutritious start to the day, despite the slick advertising.   Often filled with sugar and highly processed, a packaged breakfast cereal may give you an initial energy boost, followed by a […]

8 Healthy Breakfast Ideas