8 Healthy Breakfast Ideas 2


Pre-packaged cereals are the standard breakfast for most people, however they really are not the best choice for a nutritious start to the day, despite the slick advertising.   Often filled with sugar and highly processed, a packaged breakfast cereal may give you an initial energy boost, followed by a crash later on.  Have you ever felt hungry not long after eating cereal?  That’s your body responding to a blood sugar spike caused by the cereal, followed by a slump, which triggered your body to call out for more energy in the form of food.


There are plenty of better options that are quick and easy, and that will provide fuel and nourishment for your body so that you can feel satisfied and full of energy.


1)  Rye toast topped with 100% peanut butter, sliced banana and honey.  Delicious, and packed with protein and healthy fats to keep you satisfied.


2)  Scrambled eggs with grilled tomatoes, mushrooms and/or hot buttered rye or wholegrain toast.  Try to buy free range eggs where you can.


3)  Smoothie made with a good quality protein powder, fresh or frozen berries/mango/banana, a dollop of unsweetened full-fat yoghurt and a spoonful of extra virgin coconut oil.  Blend in a blender until smooth.   Fruit for nutrients, protein to help keep you fuller for longer, yoghurt for the beneficial probiotic bacteria to keep the gut healthy, and coconut oil adds a nice flavour as well as providing healthy fats.


4)  Oat porridge made with organic rolled oats, unhomogenized milk/A2 milk/almond milk and topped with a little rapadura sugar/maple syrup/honey.   Simmer the oats and milk in  a saucepan over medium heat, stir frequently and serve when thickened.  Oats are a fantastic nutritious food for the nerves and adrenal glands, so they are particularly beneficial for those who are stressed, anxious or exhausted.


5) 2-3 grilled rashers of bacon with zucchini fritters.  Find the recipe here.  Bacon & fresh zucchini for breakfast – what’s not to love??


6)  Homemade muesli.  Soak some oats in apple juice overnight, and add any combination of chopped fruit and nuts (eg chopped apple, apricots, berries, hazelnuts, almonds etc).   Top with some unsweetened, full-fat yoghurt and a little honey if desired.


7)  Yoghurt with chopped apple, almonds and cinnamon.   Chop 1 green apple, ½ handful raw almonds in a food processor or thermomix until chopped but still a little chunky.  Mix through a little cinnamon powder, and top with a dollop of unsweetened full-fat yoghurt.  A little rapadura sugar can be sprinkled over the top if desired.


8) Chocolate chia pudding – made with chia seeds, almond milk (or unhomogenised/A2 milk), cacao and a little sweetener.  I like this recipe.   It is very simple, and you just need to pop the ingredients in a mason jar (or similar container with lid) and allow the chia to perform its pudding magic (‘the Magic Pudding’?)   I sometimes prepare this recipe on Saturday night, and it is my Sunday morning chocolate treat with some chopped  banana.  Pudding for breakfast!  It doesn’t get any better….

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be complicated.

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  • Barbara Gungl says:

    My choice for breakfast is a small service of rolled oats cooked in milk, then topped with a stewed plum and sprinkled with approx 6 walnut halves broken up into pieces. No sugar or honey is needed.

    Don’t go with smoothies it’s a lazy way to have a meal.