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Last updated 30.03.2020   With the rapid developments of COVID-19 playing havoc with virtually every aspect of our lives, it certainly is an unsettling time to be part of the human race - particularly when we have not had to deal with a worldwide scenario like this for close to […]

COVID-19 Part 2: Update & New Discoveries

Today I saw a young lady in my clinic who reminded me of me…albeit a couple of decades ago.   It was her period trouble that brought her in to see me.  She’d suffered extreme pain since she first started her cycle in her teen years, and now a decade […]

Why Your Period Pain Is Not Normal

Last Updated 30.03.2020   Are there any news articles at the moment that AREN'T talking about the new coronavirus (now known as COVID-19)?  It seems like everywhere you look, there is panic and mayhem about this infection that has breached the borders of so many countries.   And whilst everyone […]

COVID-19 Part 1: The Basics and Ideas For Immune Support